Dreamweaver inserts the radio button with the adjacent label. Before you can add the second radio button, you need to split the current table cell so you can match the layout specified by your Fireworks comp. 3. In the Property inspector, click the Split icon, located under the word Cell on the left. When the Split Cell dialog box appears, choose the Spit Cell into: Columns option and set the Number of columns to 2. Click OK. Drag the border between the two columns so that it aligns with the end of the navigation element, Locations. The current cell is split into two columns. Because there are no other split cells, you can move the division wherever you need it. 4. Press Space and repeat step 2 to add another radio button to the right of the first one. Enter the following properties: ID: phone Label: Phone Access key: h Tab Index: 60 There s one last task to handle for the radio buttons: setting the default option. 5. Select the Email radio button form field. In the Property inspector, choose the Initial State: Checked option. Recall from the Fireworks comp that the Email option was initially checked, which is now replicated in your Dreamweaver Web page (Figure 10-9).
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It s far better to find out what level of service customers want, and how they want it delivered, at the start. This eliminates major potential problems and goes a long way toward ensuring your ability to please your customers on a continuous basis. Speed Closely related to, but not the same as, service, is the speed of delivery. A major concern of today s customer is, How fast can I get it And increasingly, they want it faster and faster, and are unwilling to wait. Modern technology is responsible for spoiling today s customer and creating the expectation that every desire can be instantly gratified. A recent TV commercial shows a business executive flying on an airplane. He suddenly realizes he has forgotten to send his daughter, a college student, her monthly allowance. Instead of having to wait until he gets to the airport to call his wife and ask her to mail a check, he pulls out the on-board telephone from the seat in front of him and uses his bank card to instruct his bank to write a check for him that minute. With such technical marvels, is it any wonder the customer who comes in Wednesday doesn t understand why his job can t be ready Thursday morning Another factor fueling the demand for faster service is the busier pace of life: People are more time-pressured and have their hands full just trying to keep up. In the rush to get today s work done today, there is less and less time for advance planning. As a result, your customer has not planned ahead to provide for normal turnaround on his order, but he still needs it when he needs it. So you, as the vendor, are expected to make up for his lack of planning by jumping through hoops and getting it done faster. As businesspeople, we have two ways to attack this problem, and rather than being mutually exclusive, they are complementary. One is to work faster, and the other is to ask your clients to expect more realistic deadlines. Work faster. The first solution is to do everything in your power to give the customer quicker delivery, process their work faster, and respond more rapidly. To do this, you may need to take one or more of the following actions: Add more telephone lines. Keep longer hours.
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The Division of Labor in Society
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12 Approximate Compensation for Mutual Coupling Using the In Situ Antenna Element Patterns
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institutions exceeded $1.7 million. Kinnaird used multiple addresses in this scheme, but as of January 2006, the five main addresses he used to receive mail were in West Chester and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Crestwood, Kentucky. Kinnaird was able to convert funds to his own use from these fraudulent credit card accounts in three ways. One was through Automated Teller Machine (ATM) with drawals. Kinnaird obtained Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) for most of these fraudulent credit cards and was able to withdraw cash using ATMs. Another way Kinnaird was able to convert funds from these fraudulent credit card accounts was through credit card checks. An examination of deposit records for Kinnaird s U.S. Bank checking account was conducted from October 1998 through October 2005. This analysis showed that 104 credit card checks drawn against various fraudulent credit card accounts were deposited into Kinnaird s U.S. Bank account. The total value of these credit card checks was $193,282. Another way Kinnaird was able to convert funds from these fraudulent credit cards was through a fraudulent credit card merchant account. A credit card merchant account is set up by businesses in order for that business to be able to accept credit cards as payment for products or services. In October 2002, a credit card merchant account was established through Key Bank in the name of Rent an MBA. This account was opened by Kinnaird. On the application, Kinnaird was listed as Owner/ President. This merchant account was serviced by Payment Resources International. Payment Resources International provided an updated application that was completed by Kinnaird on December 9, 2005. Kinnaird listed his business address in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kinnaird listed his home address in Cincinnati, Ohio. [Due to privacy concerns, the actual addresses are not listed here.] This application listed Kinnaird s U.S. Bank account number as the account for funds to be wired from the various charges. Records from the Rent an MBA merchant account show that between October 2002 and November 2005, there were $820,000 Visa and MasterCard charges toward his merchant account. These funds minus fees were electronically deposited into Kinnaird s U.S. Bank account. Every charge to the merchant account was from one of the fraudulent credit cards opened by Kinnaird. As part of the scheme, Kinnaird made regular payments on all of these fraudulent credit card accounts. Payments were generally made with money orders. This was done so that the accounts remained current and it reduced suspicion by the credit card com panies. This also assisted in establishing good credit for the fraud victims. Once the account was approved and payments were made on a regular basis, the credit card companies often raised the credit limit of the account. This also made it easier for Kinnaird to obtain approval for additional credit cards on these fraudulent accounts. Kinnaird was able to keep track of this through various spreadsheets and files. Kinnaird tracked every active credit card on his computer at his residence in Crestwood, Ohio. Kinnaird used these spreadsheets and files to track balances, payment due dates, available credit, and other pertinent information. (Continued)
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Animating DICOM files
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Corporate Resiliency
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The Norton AntiVirus Control Panel
The food cost percentage is 16.67 percent: $150.00 (cost of food) / $900.00 (selling price) .1667, or 16.67%
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Persistent Save As
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