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RSS: Podcasting s Secret Sauce
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n Jurisdiction of your license: Creative Commons is a legal document, a contract that relies on established law for enforcement. You can choose a generic license that can be used in any jurisdiction, or you can choose one that associates the contract with the laws of a particular country. It s best to use a generic license or one tied to your local law, because in both cases if you come into conflict with someone, you can have the hearing in your jurisdiction rather than having to travel or hire a lawyer somewhere else. n Tell us the format of your work: As a podcaster, your choices are Audio and Video. Pretty simple. n Click to include more information about your work: Click this. It opens an important section where you can enter the title of the work, a description of the work, your name and copyright claim, the year of the copyright, and if you sampled someone else s work, links to the source material you used. We suggest including your contact information in the description section so that people can reach you to negotiate terms for rights you ve retained. We repeat: Be sure to open the Click to include more information about your work panel to include your name, the work s title, a description (remember to include contact information), copyright, and links to source material. The pre-fab options, which appear on the left side of the Creative Commons licensing page, are designed to address specific concerns, such as sampling or software distribution. They have the virtue of explaining more completely the options you can choose. In Figure 23.2, the Sampling License is designed to describe your preferences for use of parts of your work in anything other than advertising or redistribution of the whole work. The license assumes that you want to be paid for advertiser s use of your work. You have these options: n Sampling: This choice allows commercial use of part of your work, sampling of it in a nutshell. Redistribution of the whole work is not allowed, and samples may be used by others to make money without compensating you. n Sampling Plus: In addition to the sampling allowed by the first option, this one allows someone to take the whole work and redistribute it for a profit. For example, your work could be included in a collection of podcasts assembled by a company or another podcaster and sold for $10. n Noncommercial Sampling Plus: This option limits re-use of your work, whether in whole or in part, to non-commercial purposes. Again, your podcast could be collected into a larger work, but no one can profit from using your work. Should you just want to put your work into the public domain, which means anyone can do anything they want with your work as long as they acknowledge you, choose the Public Domain License offered by the Creative Commons. It asks for your e-mail address and the title and the name of the copyright holder, which could be you or the name of your company or organization. It gets your name around.
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Shrimp: 26/30 per pound, $6.00 per pound, portion size 6 each Soup a la Banquet: recipe yield 2 gallons, recipe cost $8.00, portion size 6 oz. Sorbet: $3.00 per quart, portion size 2 # 60 scoops Steak: $4.50 per pound, 8 oz. portion-control product Green beans: $0.98 per pound, yield 75%, portion size 2 oz. Chocolate cake: $10.00 per cake, yield 8 slices
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Management Address Interfaces Administrator Default Private Route Menu Default Public Route Menu Create A User Control Tunnel(IPsec) Profile Restricted Management Mode FALSE Allow HTTP Management TRUE Firewall Options Shutdown System Boot Options Configure Serial Port Controlled Crash Command Line Interface Reset System to Factory Defaults Exit, Save and Invoke Changes
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2 43 Find 1 in the network in Fig. P2.4 3. 0
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With Inspect mode enabled, you can quickly view the margins, paddings, border, and content area of any block-level element in Live View. Just click Inspect and hover over any <div>, <p>, <span>, or other blocklevel tag to display these properties as solid color blocks (see Figure 10-4). In addition, Inspect can highlight the targeted area in both Code view and the Css styles panel. n
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FIGURE 20.6 The Transfer Functions curve enables you to map onscreen brightness values to specific shades on paper.
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Flow: The Flow option controls the rate that the tool effect is applied to the pixels below. A value of 100% means that the pixels are affected immediately. Adjusting the flow lower applies the effect more slowly, allowing you to move the brush before the full effect of the tool is applied to the underlying pixels. Using this option, you can give your stroke effect a more realistic look just as if you were painting at different speeds with a real brush. Airbrush: When this option is selected, the stroke is applied in gradual tones to the image. This option typically works better when used in conjunction with a reduced flow setting. Auto Erase: This allows you to use the Pencil tool to paint over areas containing the foreground color using the selected background color. When this option is selected and the cursor is over the foreground color when you begin dragging, the area is painted with the background color. When this option is selected and the cursor is not over the foreground color when you begin dragging, the area is painted with the foreground color. Tablet Pressure Controls Size: When this option is selected, the stylus pressure overrides the brush or pencil size when painting.
2. Obtain w by solving the triangular linear system of equations i quantities { @ : I 2 qi} are read from the post-array. ,
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Source: Morningstar.
It should be obvious from reading about image interpolation that the more you manipulate an image, the more that image deteriorates. Although some changes are usually necessary to get the results you desire, be careful how many steps you take to create those changes. If you want to make an image smaller, for instance, and you reduce it more than you anticipated, don t just make the reduced image larger. Step backward and undo the first resize and then try reducing again. n
Sometimes, a pop sneaks into your audio file, even if you re using a pop screen. If you zoom in to your audio file and look at the offending pop, you ll see that it s a very brief, very loud low frequency burst. You can highlight the offending word (or even syllable) and roll off the offending bass frequencies, as shown in Figure 7.4.
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1. Select the cells, and then right-click the selection and choose Format Shape. 2. Click Fill, and then click Picture or Texture Fill. 3. Click the File button, select the picture le, and click Insert. 4. Select the Tile Picture as Texture checkbox, as shown in Figure 23-18.
One serial port
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