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High availability (HA) and continuous availability (CA) are two commonly used terms categorizing the degree of system reliability (IEEE, 1990; Reiner et al., 2000). There is a continuum of HA solutions, ranging from 99% system availability rate (88 hr downtime/yr) achieved by using the simple hot spare technology to 99.99% availability (1 hr downtime/yr) achieved with clustered server-based solutions using hardware and fail over software. The fully hardware fault-tolerance (FT) systems
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Resin delivery 0.19% Resin production 71.96%
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where q w sin h; k w is the width of the antenna; k is the wavelength in the same units; h is the angle to the normal of the antenna. The tapering values for each element are found from the inverse transform, one version is [7] [3, Appendix B] W K N 1 N K where a
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One of the greatest risks in adopting this approach online is of over-shooting or under-shooting the market potential, the actual market size and likely response of customers and competitors. The key to managing and reducing risk therefore lies, as with so much about the Internet, in asking and testing before committing. Key areas to focus on with target pricing online are:
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15.1 Producing and Shaping the X-ray Beam
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Table 13.47 translate Arguments DESCRIPTION The string to be translated. The base_string, which contains the list of characters that should be translated. The source_string, which is the source of characters that should replace the base-string characters.
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26 Keeping Control of Your Drawings
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