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risks considered in stages; primary and secondary risks; and very complex risk linkages and interactions. Similarly, models may cover a wide range, from the very simple priority-setting approaches described in the early chapters of this book through to complex quantitative cash flow uncertainty models and financial models that include tax and accounting effects to form an enterprise view of the project. In increasing complexity, they cover: qualitative approaches for ranking risks and setting priorities; semi-quantitative models, also used for risk ranking and priority setting; quantitative models that deal with costs only, starting with capital costs and then extending to through-life and wholeof-life costs, cash flow models, where quantitative schedule models drive time-based consideration of costs and revenues, more complex uncertainty models that incorporate tax and accounting effects to make projections of financial statements such as the profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statements and financial ratios for the business; and real options and related models to evaluate the value of the flexibility associated with staged approaches to project and business development. There are many potential ways of looking at risk in projects. Many approaches to risk management are feasible, depending on the project, its scale, its level of development and the issues of concern, and there is no single best method that suits all phases of all projects. It is important to plan carefully the approach that is to be adopted, to make sure the one selected is the most appropriate for the circumstances. While this advice is certainly and obviously relevant for large projects that often involve complex risks through most of their stages, where sophisticated approaches to risk and uncertainty may be needed, it is also relevant for small projects, where the selection of simple approaches that suit the requirement and the circumstances may be the key to efficient implementation and organizational acceptability. Plan the risk management process very carefully, start early in the project life, and select judiciously from the portfolio of available approaches.
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An alternative way to represent the wave function is as shown in Figure 6.47. The wave is represented as a line the length of which is proportional to the amplitude and equal to |Fhkl |. A circle with a radius equal to |Fhkl | represents one complete wavelength. The angle formed by the line with the horizontal is called the relative phase angle, hkl . It is clear from this representation that |Fhkl | can be considered as a resultant vector between two vectors Ahkl and Bhkl representing cosine and sine waves, respectively. The phase angle is equal to the ratio of these vectors: = tan hkl = Bhkl /Ahkl (6.18)
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Finding Bottlenecks
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Data Layer Space Handle From point To point Length Angle in XY Plane Delta X Delta Y Comments Lists the object s layer. If the color and linetype are not ByLayer or ByBlock, then AutoCAD lists these as well. Tells you whether the object is in model space or paper space. ( 17 covers paper space.) Every object in your drawing has a handle. Your drawing s internal database uses handles to keep track of objects. Because the example in Figure 12-4 lists a line, it shows the start point. The endpoint of the line. The line s length. The line s angle. This line is horizontal, and so its angle is zero. The change in the X coordinate from the start point to the endpoint. The change in the Y coordinate from the start point to the endpoint.
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Figure 5.11: Adaptive coding and modulation for BER P, = 1 x Thus Ar is a monotonically increasing function with respect to K . (5.4) and (5.5) imply that intelligent resource allocation renders performance improvement, and the improvement increases with the number of users.
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