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5. Select the first line of text and choose Comment Block from the Tools toolbar. 6. Choose Format Edit Window from the Tools toolbar to format the code. 7. Choose Check Edit Window and look at the result in the Build Output window. 8. Click the Visual LISP Editor to activate it again. 9. Choose Load Active Edit Window to load the routine. 10. Choose Activate AutoCAD from the View toolbar. 11. On the command line, type line3 . 12. At the Please pick a point: prompt, use any method to specify a point. AutoCAD draws a horizontal line 3 units long. 13. Use the Windows task bar to return to the Visual LISP window. 14. Click the Visual LISP Editor to activate it. Choose Save File on the Visual LISP Standard toolbar. Save the routine as ab34-02.lsp in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 15. Close the Visual LISP window by clicking its Close button. Do not save your drawing.
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Schedules, Events
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E-mail messages must pass through various systems on their way from one person to another. Different computers handle data in different (sometimes incompatible) ways. Therefore, most e-mail programs encode binary data as 7-bit ASCII text. The encoded file is larger than the original, but is less likely to be mangled in transit. Python provides modules to help use three such encoding schemes uuencode, base64, and quoted-printable.
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Objectives After completing this chapter you should be familiar with:
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gender ENUM( m , f ), favoriteGenre ENUM( crime , horror , thriller , romance , sciFi , adventure , nonFiction ),
Figure 7.3 An ambiguous gure illustrating the concept of discounting the illuminant. In one spatial interpretation the gray area looks like a shadow, while in the other it appears to be paint on the object
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