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network include packet delay, jitter, loss, throughput and bearer availability. Since a 3G mobile network is a connection-oriented network, we envision two types of QoS performance parameters for speci cation: PDP context session performance parameters that indicate the ability of a network to establish and maintain PDP context sessions, and packet data performance parameters that specify the delivery quality of the user IP packets carried by PDP contexts. The statistics apply to an identi ed customer tra c ow over a pre-de ned period of time (e.g., a month). PDP context session performance parameters These parameters measure the ability of the network to establish and maintain PDP context sessions. Let N be the total number of activation attempts, S the number of activations that are completed successfully and F the number of PDP context activations that cannot be established due to network problems. We have: N S F a 9:39
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Each of the four beams of the 100-J/pulse phase-locked laser system is energetically equivalent to the single beam from the 500-ns system described in the previous
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BED is characterized by recurrent binge eating, but without the inappropriate compensatory weight-control methods, such as selfinduced vomiting, excessive exercise, that are
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Light Adaptation
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7.4 Example of the Convolution of Radar Echo Signals and Noise
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To stop using the override, open the Dimension Style Manager, right-click the style override to open the shortcut menu, and do one of the following: Choose Delete to delete the override. Choose Save to Current Style to incorporate the override properties into the current dimension style. Choose Rename to create a new dimension style from the override. You see a selection box around the name. Type a new dimension style name and press Enter. This action removes the override and replaces it with the new dimension style. Removing the override doesn t change dimensions that you ve already created with the override.
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Suppose you want to test some code. First do a quick save (Ctrl-S), and then press F5 to run the program within IDLE. Listing B-1 illustrates some buggy code, for practice:
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If you have configured Dovecot according to the instructions in this chapter, you can specify either POP3 or IMAP as your mail protocol. Dovecot handles both. If you have a compelling reason to choose one over the other, you can configure Dovecot to use that protocol only. In that case, you need to make sure that any mail client you use is configured to use that protocol.
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Table 7.30
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Now, let us look at light. Not surprisingly, light can be studied from the viewpoint of waves; for example, di raction can be easily understood from the perspective of wave motion. However, a number of experiments were undertaken in the early part
2: Designing Spring Applications
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