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Diagnostic Images: MRI Multiple Energies / Detectors + ICT Radiation Treatment Planning Surgical Planning Target Treatment Planning Nanotechnology Molecular, Optical Image Image-Guided Target Chemical Treatment
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Part III: Using PHP in Practice
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If you do happen to lose or misplace BIOS configuration passwords and cannot boot your system or change BIOS settings, there may still be hope. Many BIOS manufacturers configure backdoor passwords that can be used to access and change configuration settings should the need arise. Some PC vendors (such as Dell) can also help you to reset the BIOS password for your computer if you call their technical support line and can provide the necessary details about your system. Utilities that claim to be able to crack BIOS passwords can also be found on the Internet. Although it again depends on the specific BIOS used, BIOS passwords can also sometimes be circumvented or erased by removing and then replacing a computer s CMOS battery, or by shorting the jumper pins on the motherboard that control CMOS memory. Of course, you should not rely on either of these methods as an alternative to remembering your password. Furthermore, attempting such changes might result in physical damage to your PC.
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Figure 12-8: Establish your identity.
Spectral color reproduction involves identical reproduction of the spectral re ectance curves of the original image or objects. Two techniques that are so impractical as to be of only historical interest, the Lippman and microdispersion methods (see Hunt 1995), managed to ful ll this dif cult objective. Modern color reproduction techniques take advantage of metamerism by using RGB additive primaries or CMY subtractive primaries, thus eliminating the possibility of spectral reproduction except in cases in which the original is comprised of the same imaging materials. Recently developed, and currently developing, printing techniques that utilize six or more inks provide an opportunity for better approximations to spectral color reproduction that might be useful in applications such as mail-order catalogs or neart reproductions (in addition to expanding the output gamut).
And, just for good measure, in case you ever check the option not to show these options as you re actually doing the upload, you can reset it here by checking Show Options Dialog.
16.2 Major Issues Related to Mesh Partitioning for Distributed Systems
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17 Plotting and Printing Your Drawing
The Edit mode shortcut menu appears when you right-click in the drawing area while one or more objects are selected but no command is active, as shown in Figure 33-11. Note that this menu includes the most common editing commands. Figure 33-11: The Edit mode shortcut menu.
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