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Table 5.9
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Figure 15-3: The New Dimension Style dialog box with the Lines tab displayed. The New Dimension Style dialog box has the following tabs: Lines: Sets specifications for dimension lines and extension lines. Symbols and Arrows: Sets specifications for arrowheads, center marks, the arc length symbol and the jog angle for dimensioning large radii. Text: Determines the appearance, placement, and alignment of dimension text. Fit: Sets how text and arrows fit inside narrow dimensions, as well as where text is placed when it doesn t fit in its default position. This tab also allows you to set the scale factor for dimension features, and whether to place a dimension line inside narrow dimensions. Primary Units: Determines the format and precision for the primary measuring unit for both linear and angular dimensions. Alternate Units: Determines the format and precision for secondary units, if turned on (such as metric measurements if your primary units are English, or vice versa). Tolerances: Formats tolerances.
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Figure 6.6 The availability or utilization of metabolic fuels can be sensed in the periphery and the brain to affect eating. Circulating metabolic substrates absorbed from the gut or mobilized from endogenous stores may act directly on the brain, or may signal via vagal afferent nerves from the liver. Metabolites may also be stored temporarily in peripheral tissues (liver, muscle, fat) and released later. Key sites include: (1) glucose sensors in the hepatic portal vein; (2) the nucleus tractus solitarii (NTS) in the caudal hindbrain, where vagal afferents rst synapse and where neural inputs (visceral sensory, and descending from the hypothalamus) are integrated with locally- registered humoral and metabolic signals; and (3) the hypothalamus, a major focus for circulating metabolic signals that act on the brain to control eating.
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where Weven is the sum of the terms involving even powers of cos f Wodd is the sum of the terms involving odd powers of cos f (see Appendix 3), and D is the difference in the lengths of the A and B paths for the principal ray. To select the required combinations of double-pass beams, the beam from the collimator is polarized in the vertical plane, and a quarter-wave plate is introduced in the A path. The plane of polarization of the AB0 and BA0 beams is then rotated through 90 , while the plane of polarization of the AA0 and BB0 beams remains unchanged. Hence, when the analyzer is set with its axis vertical, the AB0 and BA0 beams are extinguished, and interference takes place between the AA0 and BB0
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The RLAB model is simple, straightforward, easily invertible, and has been found to be as accurate as, or better than, more complicated color appearance models for many practical applications. Given all of these features, why wouldn t RLAB be considered as a recommendation for a single, universal color appearance model RLAB s weaknesses are the same as its strengths. Since it is such a simple model, it is not exhaustive in its prediction of color appearance phenomena. It does not include correlates of brightness and colorfulness. It cannot be applied over a wide range of luminance levels. It does not predict some color
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Figure 16-4 Viewing the sniffer trace details
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co-pol x-pol co-pol 0 -20dB Dual-feed design Single-feed design E-plane 0 -20dB x-pol H-plane
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Now that you re familiar with the structure of VBA objects, methods, and properties, you re ready to start writing some code. As with any programming language, you need to learn syntax and understand variables and when to use them. Luckily, AutoCAD s VBA Help includes many examples to guide you along the way. After you write some code, you can use it in AutoCAD. Table 37-1 lists the various components of VBA code. This table defines various terms that you can often use when working with VBA.
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