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Each time you connect to the WebDAV server, the current content of the server is shown to you in the WebDAV tab. But as you re hard at work on any particular page for a while, the site may be changing. There will be plenty of times you ll want to manually refresh the tab well, not quite manually. GoLive does the work for you. You just manually tell it to. Anytime you re working in the WebDAV tab, whether Workgroup Support is on or not, you can update the file listing as well as the Lock icons and the information that appears in the Inspector. Just control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) while you re anywhere within the WebDAV browser and choose Refresh from the contextual window.
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Adobe advises against using removable media such as SyQuest, MO, and Zip drives as a scratch disk. Removable media is typically less reliable and slower than a permanent drive. (A Jaz cartridge is more stable than Zip or the others, but still not as reliable as a fixed hard drive.) Using a removable drive on an occasional basis isn t the end of the world, but if you use it regularly you may end up crashing more often, in which case you ll probably want to add a new hard drive.
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Part IV: Implementing Databases (with Examples in Access and MySQL)
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The key to understanding lists is that list formatting is applied by the paragraph. As with word processing, GoLive and HTML don t care whether the text you apply a list format to is a few words or several lines. Any text that falls between one occurrence of pressing the Enter/Return key and another simply counts as one paragraph and therefore gets moved as one element in your list. If you use a soft return, called a Line Break (<br>) in HTML, the text before and after that break counts on the same list level, as shown in Figure 9-4. (That s because a soft return does not count as a paragraph break.)
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AF Client
Part IV Layers, Objects, and Text
Figure 11.7. Ceramics Loch Ness Monster installed on a polished wooden surface.
Figure 4-12: The Polar Tracking tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box. To set polar tracking, you can define two types of angles: To turn on polar tracking, check Polar Tracking On on the Polar Tracking tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box. If you are not in the dialog box, press F10 or click the POLAR button on the status bar. To customize how polar tracking works, click Options in the Drafting Settings dialog box to open the Options dialog box with the Drafting tab on top. The following settings in the AutoTracking Settings section apply to polar tracking: Display polar tracking vector turns on and off the polar tracking vector, which is the faint dotted line that extends to the end of the screen. Display AutoTrack tooltip turns on and off the tooltip that tells you the distance and angle. In AutoCAD LT, this item is called Display Tracking tooltip.
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One of the most important ways motherboards may be characterized is by their physical dimensions. This terminology didn t originate on the basis of size it originated from the type of computer with which the motherboard was associated. Starting with the original IBM PC in 1981, there have been at least 10 different named form factors for PC motherboards. But rather than present you with all this history, we restrict the contents of Table 4-3 to those types of motherboards you can actually buy nowadays. We also indicate which ones are suitable for HTPC use.
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