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For the calculation of the M 2 limit, a standard numerical aperture of 0.22 was assumed. The upper power limit can be approximated regarding a damage threshold above 500 MW/cm2 for nanosecond pulses. An important feature of a ber phase conjugator, in contrast to a Brillouin cell, is the SBS threshold behavior for different M 2 values of the incoming beam. In a ber the SBS threshold is nearly independent of the incoming beam quality. This is caused by mode conversion inside the ber, resulting in a homogeneous illumination and therefore in constant SBS re ectivity. In a Brillouin cell the re ectivity depends strongly on the far eld of the incoming beam due to the focusing lens. Here, phase distortions result in strong amplitude uctuations in the focal region. Thus the nonlinear response of SBS leads to a decrease of delity. A comparison between a diffraction-limited beam (M 2 1.0) and a highly distorted beam (M 2 10) showed an increase of the SBS threshold of 300% in the Brillouin cell. For the ber phase conjugator, no remarkable changes of the power threshold were observed [15]. The re ectivity of the optical bers is one of the most important properties for their usage as a PCM. The re ectivity of the ber PCM has been experimentally optimized and compared to an analytical plane wave model. Figure 4.9 shows the system used to study the re ectivity of the bers. It consists of a master oscillator, two ampli ers, an optical isolator, and a lens to couple the laser beam into the ber. The Nd:YAG oscillator is ashlamp-pumped and Q-switched using a KDP Pockels cell and a double polarizer. The output mirror is plane with 70% re ectivity, and the rear mirror has a 3-m radius of curvature and more than 99% re ectivity. The length of the resonator is 85 cm. An aperture of 1.5 mm is inserted into the cavity to achieve operation in the fundamental transversal TEMoo mode. The spectral width of the output beam is reduced using two etalons consisting of a glass plate (20-mm thickness) with 70% re ectivity on both sides and one (2-mm thickness) with 50% re ectivity. The maximum output energy of the oscillator was 0.4 mJ in a nearly diffraction-limited beam with reduced spectral width and a duration of 30-ns FWHM. Stable single-longitudinal mode output was dif cult to obtain because the two etalons were not temperature-controlled. The coherence length of the laser radiation achieved with two etalons in the resonator was determined (with a Fabry Perot interferometer) to be 50 cm.
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The Internet has also made stewardship of advocate relationships easier by keeping advocates informed about the impact of their lobbying efforts. It is quick, simple, and cost effective to send a targeted e-mail to people who take action. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has not only thanked people for their support of an action, but also encouraged them to write and thank their congressional representatives who supported the legislation. Such strategies keep advocates excited about being involved and build loyalty to the cause and organization (see Exhibit 10.5).
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Department has conveyed on the process and meaning of that approval. The QA counterpart to a process should also have de ned and documented roles and responsibilities. When teamed together, the process owner and the quality assurance counterpart for a process will make a favorable impression upon regulators, be able to explain all operations involving the process, supporting documentation, and any ongoing projects or process improvements. This pair is the best to evaluate and consider any deviations to the process or recommendations for continuous improvement. In most all cases, the process owner and QA contact will posses more information about the process than regulators and be capable to defend the process design and operation. Should regulators have suggestions on process design or functionality, the process owner may consider them. If appropriate, any recommendations or observations made by regulators or auditors can be incorporated into the process design. However, it is critical for the process owner and stakeholders to evaluate proposed changes to avoid reactive management commitments, which could be deleterious to the ef cient operation and output of the process. Subject Matter Experts
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ften you may wish that you could zoom in to see a particular part of a drawing more closely, or move the display in a certain direction to reveal an area that is hidden. You may also want to save a view so that you can return to it at some other time. In this chapter, you read about controlling the display of your drawing to meet all of your drawing needs and increase your productivity.
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The fact that you got this message means that the two devices engaged in a handshaking operation but didn t have the correct information to proceed in establishing the connection. Most often this means that there was a wrong password or PIN presented. It s possible to also create a pair and still not have the two devices work in the way they should. The usual reason for this to happen is that the devices are trying to use different profiles. Check the manual for the two devices or the online Web site of the manufacturers to see what profiles are supported.
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hen nonprofit organizations first think about raising funds online, they tend to see this new money through the lens of what fundraisers call the annual fund campaign. To the layperson, the term annual fund draws blank stares most people don t know what this fundraising jargon means. To professional fundraisers, annual fund campaigning has these characteristics: Repeats itself on an annual basis and is therefore predictable relying on repetition for success Seeks immediate cash gifts from individuals Seeks gifts that are for unrestricted use by the nonprofit Addresses short-term needs (one year or less) Builds on campaigns from one year to the next Builds an expectation with the donors that they ll be asked every year for a similar, renewable gift Perhaps most importantly, an annual plan is created that tries to leverage repetition, loyalty, and precision to be as efficient as possible in raising money in a mass marketing exercise. Annual fund theory could be further distilled into three central tenets: 1. The annual fund plan to renew as many donors as possible. 2. Use the annual fund plan to acquire as many donors as possible. 3. Use the annual fund plan to harness an organization s limited human resource, financial, and organizational resources increasing the annual fund s ability to renew and acquire donors.
Ferrous metals
11 Full-Court Filtering
Configuring your system for use with a PC speaker system is more straightforward. PC speaker systems can be connected in two ways: Older systems use analog 1/8" mini-jacks to receive their signals, but some newer systems receive the signal via a special SPDIF connection (for 2.1 systems) or a special 1/8" jack that carries a digital signal (for multichannel systems). Some sound cards require the proper output format to be selected. Look for an analog-only or digitalonly output option to select the proper output format. You should also make sure that Dolby
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Phase 1 Find the funds. Phase 2 Assess existing environment and risks. Phase 3 Create DR procedures. Phase 4 Test the procedures. Phase 5 Adjust your DR plan to site changes and technical advancements.
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