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Some people prefer to fit hard drives into the bigger 5-1 4 inch bay because it allows more air to flow around the drive, helping to keep it cool. This does help when you have a midsized or fullsized tower and generally you have enough 5-1 4 inch drives to space a few for hard drives.
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Numerical Determination of Windage Losses on High-speed Rotating Discs
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the 27 samples required for the full design. As a result, the amount of samples required for the whole stability study is 8 12, or 96, whereas the full-design study required 216 samples. The execution procedure of stability testing for both a complete and a reduced stability study is the same, as shown in Table 5. Matrixing The matrixing design consists in selecting a fraction of the total number of possible combinations included in the full design. At each time, a different fraction will be tested. The main assumption is that the stability of each fraction represents the stability of all factor combinations at that particular time. The matrixing design can be applied across the factors or across the time points of the stability design. The degree of reduction (e.g., one-half or one-third) from a full design depends on the quantity of factors to be considered. The larger the number of factors and levels included in the full design, the larger the degree of reduction that can be implemented. Applying a matrixing design on time points only, all factor combinations (full factorial design) should be tested at the initial and nal points in time, while a
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Changes you make to a movie are not automatically saved, so be sure to save your changes as you work. (Remember: save as soon as you do something you don t want to have to do all over again.) Also keep in mind the following points: If you open an existing QuickTime movie to edit it, just save normally as you work; the document already existed, so you won t see a Save dialog box. If you begin with a blank new container, when you go to save it you ll go through the regular process. I recommend saving as soon as you ve set a custom background color or laid your first track. To save a new movie, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Save to bring up your system s Save dialog box, as shown in Figure 21-4. Because you named the movie in the initial setup, it is already named here and you can leave the name as is.
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You also can use the rubber stamp to duplicate specific elements in an image, such as petals in a flower or umbrellas on a beach (actual suggestions from previous editions of Photoshop s manual). But this is rarely an efficient use of the tool. If you want to duplicate an element, you ll have better luck if you select it and clone it, as explained in 8. Selection tools let you specify the exact boundaries of the element, the softness of the edges, and the precise location of the clone. Because of its reliance on a brush metaphor that is, you drag across the image window to paint with it the rubber stamp is better suited to buffing away defeats and filling in missing details.
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Select a content assist proposal with the up or down arrows and hit Return. Your selection will be applied to the XML source code.
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Energy deficit
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1. The two users are independent, i.e., their channel responses are independent.
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WAV/AIFF Ogg Vorbis
Figure 18.12 Local and international communities
8. Click OK.
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