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Renewals and Reminders Often it is the systematic supporter service communications that have the greatest impact on your organization s overall revenue. Unsurprisingly, the online environment is no different. By taking the information Greenpeace gathered from its donors at the point of transaction, (i.e., when they joined), it allowed the nonprofit to know the dates when the supporter would be due for renewal, or their credit card would expire. With this information, Greenpeace set up an automated reminder process to make sure these supporters were not lapsing because of administrative oversights. These simple but timely messages most likely did a lot to improve the renewal rate over the test period (see Exhibits 12.8, 12.9, and 12.10). Specific Appeals Within the regular e-newsletter and renewals communications cycles, various appeals were sent over the test period (see Exhibit 12.11). The first was an upgrade appeal to protest against the impending War in Iraq. It encouraged regular monthly givers to increase their donation amount.
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Adherence to weight-reduction programmes
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an even integer. Two vectors are defined as follows:
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Both Text and Arrows: Keeps the text and arrows together between the extension lines if there is enough room, and outside the extension lines if there is not. Figure 15-16 shows a dimension using this option.
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Exercise 2 Solution
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Because you often don t need the transmittal file after you ve sent it (you already have all of the files), you can put it in the Windows\Temp file or another location where you place files that you ll delete.
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3. To change the link, drag the Point and Shoot button by the file in question and to the new desired link location within the Site Window. Release the mouse when the new file is selected. Figure 11-27 shows how a purple bullet used on multiple pages can be replaced by another bullet with one point and-shoot action.
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Figure 18.10 Habitat and ecology
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