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Generator QR in .NET Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions

Figure 7-1: You can place a layout grid within a table cell.
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Appendix A: Exercise Solutions
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Identifying Bad Links
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You can also create your own button definition from scratch. Follow these steps: 1. In the Customizations In pane, double-click the Toolbars item and choose the toolbar that you want to work with.
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Why Bother with Scripts
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FIGURE 10-16: CPU fan connector head.
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Half-power beamwidth (HPB W): The angle spanned by the intensity region for which Umax/2 5 U 5 Urn,,. The HPBW is associated with the ability of an antenna to direct a beam. The HPBW is often referred to as the 3 dB beamwidth for obvious reasons. First null beamwidth (FNB W): The angle spanned by the main lobe. The FNBW is associated with the ability of an antenna to reject interference.
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Figure 2-27: The Index Selection window opens after you choose Edit Search Select Indexes. From this window you can add or remove different index files.
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Imagine that you ve downloaded a package named foobar-1.0-1.i386.rpm and you re now ready to install it. In this example, foobar is the name of the package, 1.0-1 are version numbers, and i386 is the architecture (in this case Intel 386, meaning PC-type processors). You can install an RPM package from any directory, but it s best to keep the packages you ve downloaded in a central location. You can use an already existing directory, or you can create one just for this purpose. To install this file to a directory called /RPM, for example, give the su command to become root, and then give the following command:
Copying, Renaming, and Removing Paths
ThreadCountLock.release() # Main function if __name__ == __main__ : # Open the URL-list file. Take the first command-line # argument, or just use the hard-coded name. if (len(sys.argv)>=2): URLFileName = sys.argv[1] else: URLFileName=URL_FILE_NAME try: URLFile = open(URLFileName) URLList = URLFile.readlines() URLFile.close() except: print Error reading URLs from: ,URLFileName sys.exit() # Create some worker threads, and start them running URLListLock = thread.allocate_lock() ThreadCountLock = thread.allocate_lock() # We acquire the MainThreadLock. The last worker thread to exit # releases the lock, so that we can acquire it again (and exit) MainThreadLock = thread.allocate_lock() MainThreadLock.acquire() WorkerThreadCount = 0 for X in range(0,WORKER_COUNT): NewThread = WorkerThread(URLList,URLListLock) thread.start_new_thread(,()) # This call will block until the last thread releases the main # thread lock in DecrementThreadCount(). MainThreadLock.acquire()
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