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8 Choosing Video Adaptors and Monitors
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Most of the discussion in this book centers on what is called infrastructure mode wireless networking. In this mode, for example, an access point transmits and receives signals from wireless clients in much the same way that a network hub can accept Ethernet cables being plugged into its open ports. Infrastructure networks force users to authenticate themselves and impose other restrictions to limit who can connect to a network, as well as provide fast direction for packets bound to one system or another. Also, when a wireless device such as an access point fails, most infrastructure networks lose their coverage for that particular area. Depending upon your purpose, there are different types of community networks to consider: An ad hoc network for fast client-based peer-to-peer networking A portal WLAN with authentication, management, and restrictions to specific content An extended WLAN with users who have managed domain accounts A hotspot or an open WLAN where anyone who can receive the signal can connect All of these different types of networks can serve as network neighborhoods, and each is useful in specific types of situations. Let s take a look at when you might want to use each one.
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Listing 5-2:
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The Posterize command is Threshold s rich cousin. Whereas Threshold boils down an image into two colors only, Posterize can retain as many colors as you like. However, you can t control how colors are mapped, as you can when you use Threshold. The Posterize dialog box does not provide a histogram or slider bar. Instead, Posterize automatically divides the full range of 256 brightness values into a specified number of equal increments. To use this command, choose Image Adjust Posterize and enter a value in the Levels option box. The Levels value represents the number of brightness values that the Posterize command retains. Higher values result in subtle color adjustments; lower values produce more dramatic effects. The first example in Figure 17-7 shows an image subject to a Levels value of 8. By now, you may be thinking, By golly, if Posterize is so similar to Threshold, I wonder how it works when applied after the High Pass filter Well, you re in luck, because this is exactly the purpose of the second example in Figure 17-7. Here I chose the High Pass filter and entered 3.0 for the Radius. Then I applied the Posterize command with the same Levels value as before (8). Now, just in case you ve tried this same effect on your full-color image and thought, Yech, this looks terrible half the color just disappeared, the key is to apply High Pass and Posterize to a layered version of the image and then mix the effect with the underlying original. Color Plate 17-3 shows the results of applying the High Pass filter with a Radius of 3.0 and the Posterize command with a setting of 8 to the layered clone and then compositing the layer and underlying original using each of three overlay modes from the Layers palette. The Luminosity option applies only the lights and darks in the layered image, allowing the colors in the underlying image to show through; Hard Light strengthens the light and dark shades; and Hue applies the colors from the layer with the saturation and brightness values from the original. After flattening each image, I increase the saturation of the colors using Image Adjust Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U), which I discuss in an upcoming section.
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ATTRIBUTE Name decimal-separator grouping-separator infinity minus-sign NaN Percent per-mille Zero-digit Digit Pattern-separator
Even if your interest in wireless technology extends no further than your laptop, you can t ignore what s happening in the cell phone marketplace. The cell phone networks of the future will most likely be the mobile network of choice for any device that must maintain its connection during travel; and the cell phone of tomorrow may be the mobile PC of choice. The features that cell phone networks offer that make them attractive include large coverage areas, significant bandwidth, established service groups, and reasonable, although not worldwide, transmission protocol agreements. Cell phone networking technology developed from the earlier radio telephone networks. Radio telephone networks used powerful, centrally located base stations and large antenna towers to provide around 25 channels per station; each station covered a small city with a 50-mile radius. The problem with this technology was that the number of channels limited the number of connected users. You ll find that a walkie-talkie works over a single channel (inconvenient on that crowded ski slope), a CB radio can use up to 40 channels, whereas a cell phone might have as many as a couple thousand channels to work with. Both CB radios and walkie-talkies use what is called a half duplex mode of operation. Both devices use the same single frequency, so that when one person is transmitting, the other is listening.
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Table 35-2: Commonly Used AutoCAD Object Group Codes
Table 13.49
(R, ,Z) (R, ,Z)
Return Loss (dB)
High 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5
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