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where M is the number of BSs in the system and pihi represents the signal strength received by the user from BSi with pi and hi representing the transmitting power of BS; and channel gain from BS; to the user, respectively. Using beacon signals, the user can determine the strongest interfering base station, i.e., k = argmaxpj hj .
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The Microsoft remote stands out as the one that s easiest to implement. That s probably because this device is built specifically for use with Windows XP MCE 2005. The remote s receiver also houses the IR blaster (emitter) controller. This is the only IR blaster hardware that is compatible with MCE. If you have a cable box or satellite receiver you will need to use the MCE remote kit. You don t have to use the remote, but you do need the remote receiver because the IR blaster(s) plugs into the back of the receiver module. The MS remote also has a handy button found at the top center called The Green Button. This special element triggers the MCE interface to load if it is closed. Or, if you are already running MCE, it takes you to the main menu from wherever you are. Another excellent but expensive choice is the Logitech Harmony 680. If you can afford it, this remote is incredibly easy to program. It s a universal remote, which means it can control the rest of your home theater equipment (up to 15 devices in all) in addition to MCE 2005. The Harmony family of remotes is activity-based by design. When you press a button such as Watch a Movie the remote issues a series of commands that handles everything on your home theater. For example: it could turn on your HDTV set and change the input to DVI, turn on your surround receiver and set the correct input, and then select the DVD option in MCE 2005 all with the press of a single button! Programming the Harmony to work with your home theater devices is incredibly simple: log in to Logitech s site and choose those devices you own. Connect the USB cable from the remote to your PC. It programs all the correct codes for you. No need to test multiple 4-digit codes! The Logitech has direct shortcut buttons such as Watch My TV that will take you to a specified section in MCE. Take note, however, that the Harmony package includes only a remote control (unlike the MCE remote, which also includes an IR receiver and blaster cables). If you buy a Harmony remote, you must also buy an MCE-compatible remote receiver. Therefore the Harmony is more a supplement to the Microsoft MCE remote kit rather than a complete replacement for that kit. A distant third place goes to SnapStream s Firefly. This remote enjoys the distinction of being the only RF-based remote we recommend. Its setup software is easy to use, and most of the software configuration works from your couch. The Firefly works with a broad range of
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a postprocessing step that reorders parts to maximize the overlap between new and previous assignments and, thus, reduce the migration cost [31].
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STEPS: Creating Text Styles
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>>> float(12.1) 12.1 >>> float(10L) 10.0 >>> int(float( 3.5 )) # int( 3.5 ) is illegal. 3
Before using the command line tool, you ll need a XSQLConfig.xml file in the classpath that you are running from. The classpath exists as an environment variable, so just look at it to see where all it points to. You may also have to add the following jar files to the classpath before the command line utility will work.
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