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dlg = wxDirDialog(None) if dlg.ShowModal() == wxID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() dlg.Destroy() # # # # Create it Check the return code Read user s input Destroy it
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Part II Creating PDF Documents
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Another variant of printf() is fprintf(), which writes the resulting string to an open file. To use it, pass the file handle, followed by the format string, followed by the remaining arguments. Find out more about files and file handles in 11.
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This code uses anonymous functions to test for primes:
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3. Place the I-beam after the closing bracket of the <p> tag and type the following:
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Figure 4.33 Simpli ed single-stage PA scheme
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/c c:\steve\steve.cfg
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The initial meetings with The Pampered Pet are mostly to introduce you and the customers so you can get to know each other. For this example, four key players attend the rst meeting: Bill Wye The Pet Store Guy, the founder and owner of The Pampered Pet. Bill is the one who decided the company needed a complete database. He s the Executive Champion. Because this is a fairly small company and he s at the very top of the food chain, there will be no serious disputes over whether the project should go forward, although his help might be needed to keep unenthusiastic participants pulling in the right direction. Alicia Myth, the store s manager. Alicia has been working at the store since it was opened and knows just about everything there is to know about the business. She spends more time keeping things organized and running than anyone else at the store and knows more about the day-to-day business than anyone else, even Bill. Charlie Ice Walker is a trainer specializing in aggressive dogs. He also works shifts at the store and knows a lot about day-to-day operations. He doesn t care as much about selling as he does about training. He has a very whatever attitude about the new database system. Sveta Clark is a dog and exotic bird trainer who also works at the store about half the time. Sveta isn t convinced that the store needs a new computerized system and just wants to be left alone to do her job the way she always has. She s de nitely more comfortable with animals than people.
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Table 2-1 Common Windows Executable File Types Extension
1.3.7. Testing Nearly Parallel Plates In many applications, glass plates having surfaces that are both plane and parallel are required. In such cases, the small wedge angle of the plate can be determined by the Fizeau interferometer, and the reference at of the interferometer need not be used since the fringes are formed between the surfaces of the plate being tested. If a is the angle of the wedge and N is the refractive index of the glass, the angle between the front- and back-re ected wavefronts is given by 2na, and hence the fringes can be expressed as l 2Na ; d 1:23
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Table 17-1 Available Browsers
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