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5: Strings
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aggregated link A set of two or more physical links that appear to higher layer entities as though they were a single, higher capacity link.
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This numeric value is then used to retrieve the appropriate author name from the $authors indexed array:
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34 Understanding AutoLISP and Visual LISP Basics
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QoE and QoS Monitoring
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14 Using Databases
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fig. 3.11 2D frequency response of the IDFT method with
. The Gb interface connecting the 2G-SGSN and the BSS based on the GPRS/EDGE radio network and the Um air interface. The Gb interface was rst de ned in R97. . The Iu-ps interface connecting the 3G-SGSN and the UTRAN supporting the Uu interface. The Iu-ps interface for the UTRAN was rst de ned in R99. . The Iu-ps interface connecting the 3G-SGSN and the BSS based on the GPRS/EDGE radio network and the Um air interface. The Iu-ps interface for the GERAN is de ned from R5 onward. However, this option has not been used thus far in operating systems.
After importing importpye, any other module can automatically import .pye modules:
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