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This should be considered within the design of the system. The number of ADCs required in sampling the IF, however, is halved when compared to sampling the baseband I and Q signals generated as in figure 5.7, since complex sampling (I and Q) is not required since this processing is subsequently completed in the digital domain. The process of digital down-conversion (DDC) can be extended to provide further implementation advantages using harmonic sampling [80]. The use of DDC at the IF allows digital generation of the I and Q channels without the magnitude and phase error introduced by the analogue components used in baseband sampling. This implementation has been shown to reduce the dynamic range of the system due to hardware limitations of the ADCs. This is exacerbated as the sampling frequency is increased to sample higher frequency IFs. The digital signal processing (DSP) requirements for post sampling are also significantly more complex and costly due to the required processing speeds. These increase from several thousand floating operations per second (kFLOPS) for baseband sampling to millions of FLOPS (MFLOPS) for IF sampling using DDC. Harmonac samplzng allows the sampling frequency to be reduced lower than the input IF. This allows the dynamic range of the system to be maintained at the same time allowing digital generation of the I/Q signals. Many ADC devices are now available to achieve this. Harmonic sampling appears to break the Nyquist sampling theorem of using a sampling frequency of at least twice the maximum input frequency to avoid aliasing. Harmonic sampling can be used only if certain signal and sampling criteria are met. The key criteria are that:
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This script uses a number of decisions and loops to simulate the pigeon flying toward home and displays the results. First, the script displays an XHTML page header. Then it sets a variable, $mapSize, representing the width and height of the map square (you might want to try experimenting with different values to see how it affects the simulation):
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machinery. In this chapter (physics) and in 3 (chemistry) we cover topics such as physics and chemistry basics (e.g., electron, atoms, atomic structures, molecules, bonded structures), electrical properties (e.g., insulators, semiconductors, conductors), and chemical bonds and reactions. Quantum theory comes into play at the nanoscale; hence, in Appendices D and E we discuss some of the basic scienti c principles that support this eld. Application of the sciences to nanotechnology per se, for example, individual nanoparticles (e.g., metal nanoclusters, semiconducting nanoclusters, nanocrystals) and nanostructures (e.g., quantum wells, quantum wires, quantum dots), is provided starting in 4.
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straightforward tasks. This is especially true when a clear understanding, in terms of physical optics, of the properties of the test is lacking. The most common application in optical testing of the phase contrast method involves the detection of surface defects that are small in area and amplitude. As mentioned before, the Zernike test usually is performed using a point source (white or monochromatic) and a phase plate with a small circular disk, smaller than or equal to the Airy disk. Another alternative, used with modern phase contrast microscopes, is to employ a circular, or annular, extended light source and a phase plate whose retarding zone exactly coincides with the geometrical image of the source. The advantages of this procedure are that more light is used and that it is easier to manufacture a larger phase plate. Using this principle, Lyot (1946), independently of Zernike, developed a techinque in which he used a relatively wide slit (100 200 mm) as an illuminating light source. This slit is imaged by the optical surface under test upon a phase-retarding slit with an optical thickness of l=4. To increase the contrast, the transmittance of the retarding slit is reduced to about T 10 D , with D being the optical density, which ranges from 1.5 to 3.0. See for example Francon and Nomarski (1952). Since the light source is a slit and not circular, the light diffracted in the direction of the slit will not alter its phase relative to the undiffracted light and thus, the corresponding errors will not be detected. This means that only errors with variations in the direction perpendicular to the slit will be detected. This preferential orientation of the errors is shown in Figure 8.26, taken with a vertical slit. This detected pseudo-orientation of the error can be ignored, assuming that the real errors are randomly oriented. The Lyot version of the phase contrast method is so sensitive that it is possible to see defects that deviate from the mean surface by 1 A with a contrast equal to 15%.
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Access to the Internet is provided by an Internet service provider (ISP) such as UUNet, AT&T, Sprint, and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). There are two components that an ISP provides: its network infrastructure and its WAN links.
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One of the first tasks in setting up a drawing is to choose the unit type. Units define how objects are measured. You can save the unit type in a template. The coordinates you use in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT are measured in units that can represent any real-world measurement, such as inches or millimeters. A surveyor or city planner might even use miles or kilometers as the base unit. However, different disciplines customarily express units differently, and you should use the unit type appropriate for the type of drawing you re creating. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT offer five types of units, as shown in Table 5-1. The sample measurement column shows how a line 32.5 units long would be displayed in the various unit types.
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are real numbers. Of course, the formalism works equally well for unstable motion. Consider the following case. Suppose one starts with a synchrotron with a one-turn matrix given by
Appendix A Online Resources
[This is the formula which gives the innocent-looking lower curve in Figure 8.1.] Demonstrate that in the limiting case of an empty Universe no --+ 0 we get Hoto = 1, and in the limiting case of a flat Universe no --+ 1 we recover the result Hoto = 2/3.
Figure 2.6 Relationships among ESF, LSF, and MTF (modulation transfer function). (A) Experimental setup. The imaging chain consists of a light table, a video or CCD camera, a digital chain that converts the video signals into digital signals (A/D) and forms the digital image, and a D/A that converts the digital image to video so that the it can been displayed on a display monitor. The object under consideration is an edge phantom. (B) The ESF (arrows) by averaging several lines parallel to a a. (C) The LSF. (D) The MTF (c/mm = cycle/mm).
7: Ajax and Spring: Direct Web Remoting Integration
Figure 15-22 shows the query s results. Notice that it shows the values in the four elds selected in Figure 15-19.
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