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Fig. A.15 STS-3 vs STS-3c.
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where CR and CL are remote and local communication times, respectively, and x is the percentage of the difference of CR and CL in terms of the total execution time, E. Assume that E represents the execution time using a partition that takes into consideration processor performance only. Since it is assumed that all processors have the same performance, this entails an even partition of the mesh. The execution time can be written as E = CL + CR + Ecomp = 2CL + x%E + Ecomp , (16.6)
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In the rst batch of simulations, parameters were not di erentiated among the tra c handling priorities. During the testing of one parameter, other parameter values were held xed at a reference value. QoS was measured with satisfaction ratios on a per-service basis. By de nition, the best result was obtained when the satisfaction ratio of the poorest performing service was maximised. Tested values were as follows. Reference values are shown underscored and best values in boldface:
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Forms enable you to collect data from and send it to your visitors, and gather information for support functions such as customer service. Some forms, with the addition of a database on the server, enable you to have your user search for, add or update information, do e-commerce, host bulletin boards, and much more. GoLive provides an entire tab in the Objects palette just for forms creation. ( 16 discusses forms thoroughly.) It s easy to create forms, thanks to the Forms tab of the Objects palette. This tab enables you to build entire forms with drag and drop ease. Forms communicate by calling upon an intermediary called a Common Gateway Interface (CGI), which is a mini application that contains instructions. You can store your CGI script directly within your site s folder or you can store it at a more common level on the Web server. (Your Web server administrator may have rules about this.) Either way, you can easily link it to GoLive within the Form tags and Form Inspector. Dynamic Link enables you to write the code needed to have your page communicate with middleware applications, such as ASP (the first Dynamic Link interface), without knowing programming. With Dynamic Link, you can design your page visually. When the layout is approved, you connect to the server that hosts the database, and use a dedicated Inspector to associate (bind) your sample data or empty form fields to the fields within the database. Somewhere along the line, someone has to design the database and put it up on a server, but that someone doesn t have to be you and you don t have to become a database programmer.
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Figure 11-18: A menu of styles for the DVD menu.
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Figure 5-1: CYBERsitter s Internet Options screen.
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Figure 21-15 shows a network attached storage (NAS) server as part of the cascaded-SAN fabric that uses disks or RAID volumes on FC-attached devices.
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Variable Partition Inertia
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Table 8.10: Mobile WiMAX applications Many of the techniques described in the previous chapters are included in the OFDMA mode, thanks to the contributions from its members. The salient features of the IEEE 802.16e PHY are
package com.wrox.beginspring.pix.web; import import import import import import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; org.springframework.web.bind.ServletRequestUtils; org.springframework.web.servlet.ModelAndView; org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.AbstractController; com.wrox.beginspring.pix.dao.AlbumRepository;
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(A, A) (B, B)
Temperatures are generally highest in the climatic zones of Earth in which solar irradiance is highest. Both irradiance and temperature are usually highest near the equator and decrease with increasing latitude. The temperature of an exposed material depends on the amount of radiation absorbed, the emissivity of the material, thermal conduction within it, and exchange of heat with the surroundings through conduction and convection. The surface temperatures of exposed materials are higher than that of the surrounding atmosphere. A large portion of the absorbed radiation is converted to heat, and the amount absorbed is closely linked to color, with white materials absorbing only about 20% of the incident Point Samples The measurement mechanism used with the acceptance region algorithm takes an average load sample every SX periods w81x. Exponential Averaging Following w46x, an estimate of the average arrival rate can be used instead of instantaneous bandwidth to compute admission decisions with the equivalent bandwidth approach. The overall average arrival rate S is measured once every S sampling periods. The average arrival rate is then computed using an infinite impulse response function with weight w e.g., 0.002.:
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