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The Data Warehouse and the Data Model The Relational Foundation The Data Warehouse and Statistical Processing
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Creating floating viewports
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Part I The Python Language
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You learned a lot about PL/SQL stored procedures in 9. This discussion centers not on the mechanics but on the concepts. Instead of worrying with how you would implement a particular functionality with a stored procedure, the question here is what you can do with a stored procedure and if it is best to use a stored procedure
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In Photoshop 6, you specify the CMYK space by choosing Edit Color Settings. Then select the color profile you want to use from the CMYK pop-up menu in the Working Spaces section of the dialog box. You can select a predefined color profile. Or define a custom CMYK conversion setup by choosing Custom CMYK from the CMYK pop-up menu. When you choose Custom, Photoshop displays the Custom CMYK dialog box, shown in Figure 16-16.
Resizing Commands
The Windows registry is a repository of system information. It keeps track of users, program settings, port information, and more. The registry takes the form of a tree, where each node of the tree is called a key. Each key can have one or more named values. Each top-level key is called a hive. The usual way to access the registry by hand is by running the program regedit; another good registry browser is regedt32.exe. For example, Windows stores your system s Internet Explorer version number in the value Version in the key Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.
Be careful when using this feature. So many keys are already assigned to computers that the key you choose may already do something else on the user s computer, and therefore may perform an unexpected procedure when the user follows your instructions.
As shown in Figure 6, using validated methods is the rst level of QA required within a system of IQC. The latter is needed for participance in pro ciency-testing schemes (PTSs), which in turn form a prerequisite for accreditation [4]. For the different levels of QA presented in Figure 6, guidelines and requirements are well described in detail by several regulatory bodies, standardization agencies, and working groups or committees. Just as for traceability and MU (Section 8.2.2), relevant guidelines are given in Table 3. Eurachem guides are published on quality in the laboratory in general [2], method validation [15], and pro ciency testing [59]. A guideline on pro ciency testing from the joint Eurachem Eurolab EA group is in addition available [60]. On the European level there is also the CEN, working through different technical committees and working groups on standardization of analytical methods for all sectors [61]. On the international level, we distinguish IUPAC, ISO, and the AOAC International. All three bodies develop validation and standardization frameworks for analytical chemistry. AOAC International introduced the AOAC Peer Veri ed Methods Program [62]. Different harmonized guidelines and protocols are developed by the IUPAC, ISO, and AOAC International together [4, 8, 63 67], in addition to a number of ISO standards [68 71]. The FDA, USP, and ICH developed guidelines speci c for pharmaceutical and biotechnological methods [55, 72 74]. The international Codex Alimentarius Commission within the United Nations FAO/WHO Food Standards Program has a CCMAS. CCMAS works out criteria
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