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Low-pressure helium discharge
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at the transmitter (Le., u n i n f o r m e d ) , we let R = IN^, i.e., equal power , allocation over Nt transmitters with j k e d total transmit power P . Then
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Project risk management guidelines Table 6.1 Management actions Agreed priority Inherent risk Extreme or High Medium Low Extreme or High A * * Medium B C * Low B D E
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then p(1) (xj ) = f (1) (xj ) for all j = 0, 1, . . . , n. Using (9.75), it is possible to arrive at the conclusion that
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Figure 5.24 summarises information exchange between RNC and Node B.
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Figure 2-8
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These distinctions are mirrored in the concept of functional accounting, an exercise imposed by the IRS on charitable and other tax-exempt organizations as part of the annual information return preparation and filing process. This method of accounting separates a tax-exempt organization s functions into three categories: program, administration, and fundraising.24 This aspect of fundraising has only been lightly treated in law. Indeed, the first attempt by a court to squarely face and analyze the difference, for tax purposes, between fundraising activity and business activity engaged in by a nonprofit organization resulted in a reversal by the Supreme Court.25 Yet the reasoning of the lower court has continuing merit. This court wrote that, where the tax-exempt organization involved in an unrelated business case is a charitable one, the court must distinguish between those activities that constitute a trade or business and those that are merely fundraising. 26 Admittedly, said the court, this distinction is not always readily apparent, as charitable activities are sometimes so similar to commercial transactions that it becomes very difficult to determine whether the organization is raising money from the sale of goods or the performance of services [the statutory definition of a business activity] or whether the goods or services are provided merely as an incident to a fundraising activity. 27 Nonetheless, the court held that the test is whether the activity in question is operated in a competitive, commercial manner, which is a question of fact and turns upon the circumstances of each case. At bottom, the court wrote, the inquiry is whether the actions of the participants conform with normal assumptions about how people behave in a commercial context and [i]f they do not, it may be because the participants are engaged in a charitable fundraising activity. 28
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14: Setting Up an Entertainment Network
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Note It is important to note the relationship between the move grip tool and the UCS icon. In any 3D visual style, the X axis of the UCS icon is red, the Y axis is green, and the Z axis is blue. The move grip tool uses the same colors to indicate the same directions.
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You can also display the Stroke Path dialog box by Alt-clicking on the stroke path icon, the second icon at the bottom of the Paths palette (labeled back in Figure 8-24). If you prefer to bypass the dialog box, select a paint or edit tool and then either click the stroke path icon or simply press Enter. Instead of displaying the dialog box, Photoshop assumes that you want to use the selected tool and strokes away. If any tool but a paint or edit tool is active, Photoshop strokes the path using the tool you previously selected in the Stroke Path dialog box. If you select one or more subpaths, the Stroke Path command becomes a Stroke Subpath command. Photoshop then strokes only the selected path, rather than all paths saved under the current name.
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Data from the STORM study (Bray et al., 1996) ns: not signi cant
where t is the time, x is the coef cient of temperature diffusivity (for a thermal grating) or elasticity (for an orientational grating) of the medium, r2 is the threedimensional spatial Laplacian, g is a coef cient determined by the mechanism for ~ NLC nonlinearity, and ki are wavevectors of the optical waves. Generally, all intersecting optical waves E1 E4 interact by the gratings dnij. If the intersection angle of the waves in the nonlinear layer is small, uin ! 1, and when a transverse displacement of the beams in the nonlinear layer is much less than the beam diameter, the set of equations for the plane optical waves can be given in the one-dimensional approximation 1 @E1 @E1 a ib(T0 E1 T12 E2 T13 E3 T14 E4 ) E1 v @t @z 2 1 @E2 @E2 a ib(T0 E2 T12 E1 T23 E3 T13 E4 exp(iDkz)) E2 v @t @z 2 1 @E3 @E3 a ib(T0 E3 T13 E1 T23 E2 T12 E4 exp( iDkz)) E3 v @t @z 2 1 @E4 @E4 a ib(T0 E4 T14 E1 T12 E3 exp(iDkz) T13 E2 exp( iDkz)) E4 v @t @z 2 where v is the light speed in the nonlinear layer, b is the nonlinear coef cient of the ~ media, a is the absorption coef cient, Dk jDkj, T0 is the average-in-space perturbation of the refractive index, and T12, . . . ,T14 are the RIG complex amplitudes that can be determined (for the orientational or thermal nonlinearities of NLC) by the following equations [obtained from Eq. (4)]: @T0 T0 g(E1 E1 E2 E2 E3 E3 E4 E4 ), @t t0 @T12 T12 g(E1 E2 E3 E4 exp( iDkz)), @t t12 @T13 T13 g(E1 E3 E2 E4 exp(iDkz)), @t t13 @T14 T14 gE1 E4 , @t t14 @T23 T23 gE2 E3 @t t23
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