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Figure 10.18 (a) The result of applying Heun s method to obtain the numerical solution of the Duf ng system speci ed in Example 10.10; (b) the phase portrait for the system obtained by plotting the points (xn , yn ) [from plot (a)] on the Cartesian plane, thus yielding an approximate plot of (x(t), y(t)).
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Bitmap Photoshop BMP DCS 1.0 DCS 2.0 EPS GIF JPEG PCX PDF PICT PNG Scitex CT TIFF Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes** No Yes Grayscale Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Duotone Yes No No Yes* Yes No No No No No No No No Indexed Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes RGB Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lab Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes CMYK Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
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Writer drives need special software in order to burn data to the disc. The drive you buy might be supplied with the software or you might have to buy your own. CD burning is supported by Windows XP, so you can also burn CDs through the operating system.
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Unlike PyArg_ParseTuple, you can add whitespace, colons, and commas to the format string for Py_BuildValue. They do not affect the value returned, but help improve C code readability.
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form with respect to rotation of the coordinate axes about the origin, and (c) include a polynomial for each permissible pair of n and m values (Bhatia and Wolf, 1954; Born and Wolf, 1999). The orthonormal Zernike polynomials and the names associated with some of them when identi ed with aberrations are listed in Table 13.2 for n 8. The number of Zernike (or orthogonal) aberration terms in the expansion of an aberration function through a certain order n is given by n 2 1 for even n 13:22a Nn 2 n 1 n 3 =4 for odd n 13:22b Consider a typical Zernike aberration term in Eq. (13.18):
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your workstation to successfully connect to your network s resources and the Internet through your gateway. The fourth number in the address (15 in the example) is the host address that uniquely identifies your workstation for your subnet.
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-MEM / 10% HPL 3 x 10 MSC / 1m
avg returns the average of all the samples in the fragment. avgpp returns the average peak-peak (with no filtering done). max returns the largest sample value. maxpp returns the largest peak-peak value. minmax returns a tuple of the minimum and maximum samples. cross returns the number of zero-crossings in the fragment. To measure the power of the fragment audio signal, call rms (root-mean-square).
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