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Figure 17-10: After defining a basic range using the Edit pop-up menu, use the color range controls to modify the range or the fuzziness.
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Call/session mean arrival rate Radio resource indication period (RRI) Simulation time (s) Power target for downlink AC Overload o set for downlink AC Orthogonality ( ) Period for load control actions Period for packet scheduling Eb =N0 requirements Speech SWIS Streaming PoC MMS/WAP Dialup Maximum BTS Tx power P-CPICH Tx power Sum of all other CCH Tx powers Length of AC queue Dedicated NGB capacity Power weight for inactive NGB tra c (k)
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AOP is meant to complement OOP, not supplant it. AOP is completely orthogonal to OOP and, in fact, is very dependent upon OOP. The motivation behind AOP is to further support the modularization of software through what is known as a separation of concerns the division of functionality within a piece of software so as to minimize overlapping functionality or concerns. As explained by Gregor Kiczales, one of the founders of AOP: We have found many programming problems for which neither procedural nor object-oriented programming techniques are sufficient to clearly capture some of the important design decisions the program must implement. This forces the implementation of those design decisions to be scattered throughout the code, resulting in tangled code that is excessively difficult to develop and maintain. AOP addresses these design decisions that are spread throughout the code, the ones that don t fit nicely into an OOP design: the crosscutting concerns. Let s examine this term a bit more closely to understand it even better. Appropriately defining crosscutting concerns will set the stage for this chapter.
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Add a Wireless LAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
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You need a Passphrase to protect your secret key. Enter passphrase: Repeat passphrase:
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Switched and Routed Backbones
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On the other extreme, if you are an activist group, or neighborhood association, then you will want to use more active, casual language that speaks to your visitors in a friendly, personable manner. You will want to have items on your Web site that communicate a sense of activity and energy, plus it should be continuously updated and fresh (see Exhibit 6.2). In reality, your organization is probably somewhere between these two examples, so you will have to find a balance that comfortably represents your organization in the online world. Exhibit 6.3 depicts a before-and-after example of a rebranding exercise that was undertaken by Oxfam Canada to improve the effectiveness of its homepage. Its original Web site is pictured, and then the redesign. The original Web site is presented more like a news Web site with the way the main content is organized into a series of articles. In the reorganization, Oxfam created a visual space for the main issue which has a prominent image and links to several articles. The links below are organized by issue, so they appear less like news stories and more like background articles. Also, the Oxfam logo and colors are not prominently displayed in the original, so they were used more prominently in the redesign. The redesign also increases the use of images to communicate the work of Oxfam the beneficiaries, as well as the advocacy and education campaigns.
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The HSDPA dimensioning method described here relies on the following assumptions:
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FIGURE 7.35 Measured return loss for the antenna shown in Figure 7.32; r = 4.4, h = 1.6 mm, 3 = 9 mm, 4 = 8.5 mm, 5 = 8 mm, and ground-plane size = 60 50 mm2 ; other parameters are given in Figure 7.32. (From Ref. [21], C 1998 IEE, reprinted with permission.)
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Tracer Tomography
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