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The connection type for point-to-point topology is similar to SCSI. A fiber HBA is installed inside a server and directly cabled to a fiber adapter within a disk enclosure, storage subsystem, or tape library. There are two links: one for transmitting and the other for receiving data. Each link can provide a peak throughput of 100 MB/sec or 1 Gbps speed, as shown in Figure 21-5. Figure 21-6 shows the logical connection between the two node ports. The transmitter within a node is cabled to the receiver of the other node. Each FC port has two fibers. When operating in full-duplex mode, each fiber carries data at full speed: one for carrying data into the port and the other port for carrying information out of the port. The characteristics (speed, media, and protocols) of both ports must be compatible in point-to-point connection.
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Table 25-2 lists the wildcard qualifier characters you can use within your searches. Remember that wildcard characters such as ^, , \, [, and ] have special meaning in regular expressions. To tell GoLive that you want one of these characters to count as text (instead of as the special character) while using regular expressions, you need to precede the character with a backslash (\). Thus, a backslash followed by a question mark ( \ ) finds the question mark character as normal text. Now that you know the theory and rules behind GREP expressions, here are some helpful GREP examples that you can use, understand, and adapt. As you work,
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Why Use Linux
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Patching Beyond XP
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>>> DOM=xml.dom.minidom.parse( Mystic Mafia.xml ) # Build DOM >>> print DOM.parentNode # The document node has no parent None >>> print DOM.childNodes [<DOM Element: rdf at 10070740>] >>> print DOM.childNodes[0].childNodes [<DOM Text node \n >, <DOM Text node \n >, <DOM Text node >, <DOM Element: rdf:Description at 10052084>, <DOM Text node \n >]
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14.3.1 Neutron Attenuation and Absorption
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coordinators may serve more than one department within a facility. Training coordinators are responsible for at least the following: read code39
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Recent Developments in Micro- and Nanophotonic Materials
The Knoppix menu, found in the second position and indicated by a penguin icon, gives you access to certain system functions. You can configure hardware, network functions, or services, run certain system utilities, or open a root shell (a terminal logged into the superuser account). Figure 9-23 shows the Knoppix menu.
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The AutoCAD database is changed as well, and the start point of your line is now at X = 6.5, Y = 1.0, Z = 0.0.
[5] Scheduling of treatment sessions at Treatment Information System
This section lists some system and network administration tasks that are ideal candidates for automation. Some examples will just list the problem, and some may have automation hints. However they are all platform-neutral.
Here s how to use the Find and Replace dialog box: 1. Type the text that you want to find in the Find Text String text box. Use the drop-down list to choose recently used text strings.
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