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Table 13-2: Special Character Codes for Text Fonts
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Figure 1.1. Comparison of beam re ection by (a) a conventional mirror and (b) a nonlinear phase conjugate mirror.
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2. New Face: Add to Image Gallery or Return as Unidentified
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converts it to Unicode, returning to you a new reference to the Unicode object.
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Activity monitors
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1. Click Add to List to open the Add Profile dialog box. Type in a profile name and description and click Apply & Close. This adds a new profile that is a duplicate of the current profile. 2. On the Profiles tab, click the new profile and choose Set Current. 3. Go through the other tabs and make the changes that you want. Be sure to click Apply on each tab. 4. Click OK to close the Options dialog box. Whenever you make changes in AutoCAD settings that affect the Windows Registry, those changes become part of the current profile. To use the profile or another profile, choose Tools Options and click the Profiles tab. Choose the profile and click Set Current, or double-click the profile. Click OK to return to your drawing. You see the results immediately. Of course, some settings are not visible but make themselves evident in other ways, such as AutoCAD classic keyboard shortcuts and the creation of a log file.
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XSLT allows you to make your templates more modular by using variables and parameters. Parameters behave more like the parameters that you use in other languages, while variables behave more like constants. The xsl:param and xsl:variable elements represent parameters and variables, respectively. The xsl:with-param element is used to pass parameters to a template. This section covers these three elements and provides examples of how variables and parameters can be used.
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