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This file is in SunAudio format, in mono, with 188874 frames in all:
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Figure 17.4 An example partitioned graph being coarsened via local matching (a c) and nonlocal
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Token Ring originally operated on STP cabling but converted to UTP cabling in the 1990s. This was greatly appreciated by the networking community, as it offered a cheaper and less bulky medium. MMF9 cabling was supported of cially in 1998 when an approved amendment was written into IEEE 802.5, although in actuality a lot of networks were using it already. Token Ring 100 Mbps operation is conducted on the exact twisted pair speci cation that is used for 100 Mbps Ethernet.
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A GUI program spends most of its time waiting for something to happen. When something does happen the user clicking the mouse, for example events are sent to the affected widget(s). Events are sometimes called messages or notifications. A widget responds to an event using a function called an event handler.
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FIGURE 15.28. Measurement of 13 mm step using multiple wavelength interferometry: (a) 657 nm, (b) two-wavelength measurement using 657 and 651 nm with le 64 mm , (c) difference of consecutive two-wavelength measurements, (d) 657 nm data corrected using two-wavelength measurement, (e) threewavelength using 657, 651, and 601 nm, and (f) difference of consecutive three-wavelength measurements.
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Figure 15.7 Normalized total cost for auto data set with perturbed weights with = 1, 10, 100, 1000 on 16, 32, and 64 processors; each bar shows application communication cost on the bottom (darker shade) and migration cost on the top (lighter shade). From left to right, the methods are Z-repart, M-repart, Z-re ne, Z-scratch, and M-scratch.
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(a) 2.24 10 4 Ci/m3; (b) 4.38 10 4 Ci/m3 71 m (a) 2.7 10 2 g/m3 (or 2.0 10 2 g/m3 by virtual source); (b) 1.57 10 2 g/m3 by selection rule 5.29 10 7 Ci/m3 0.62 Bq/m2
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2007\acad.exe c:\drawings\ba-349.dwg /b pre-plot
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