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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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9 Creating and Formatting Lists
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To illustrate how a wrong Seidel coef cient can be inferred unless it is obtained from all of the signi cant Zernike terms, we consider an axial image aberrated by one wave of secondary spherical aberration r6 . In terms of Zernike polynomials it will be written as W r a22 Z22 r a11 Z11 r a4 Z4 r a1 Z1 r where p p p a22 1=20 7; a11 1=4 5; a4 9=20 3 ; a1 1=4 13:67b 13:67a
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taken from Refs. [19, 42 44]. reported.
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SACD FM Radio Satellite Radio Internet Radio MP3 WMA/WMV AAC/M4A
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Fault-Tolerant PACS and Enterprise PACS
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Figure 18-16: An alert window
10 Putting Images on Your Pages
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