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The Search for Files option (shown in Figure 9-9) allows you to search your computer for a file based on text in the title or other options. The Desktop menu (shown in Figure 9-10) gives you quick access to a number of useful functions. Most basically, you have the options to Log Out, which ends your GNOME session, or Lock Screen, which activates the screen saver and requires you to enter your password before you can start using the machine again.
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Delivery schedule and costs Contractor
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start_new_thread (function, args[, kwargs])
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well for this purpose. To select an antialiased selection outline with the wand tool, set the Tolerance value to about 10 and be sure the Anti-aliased check box is active. Then click inside the selection. It s that easy.
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34 Creating Worldwide Applications
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11: Rapid Spring Development with Spring IDE
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Protocol and mechanisms
Here a password, there a password, everywhere a password! There s simply no shortage of user accounts that you ll need to work with as the owner of a Windows XP system, each protected with a different password. In some cases, you ll be responsible for choosing and assigning passwords for these accounts; in others, third parties such as your ISP will assign them to you. Regardless of the manner in which they re obtained, all passwords are important, and it s largely up to you to both remember them and ensure they re properly secured. The primary types of account passwords that you ll need to deal with on a Windows XP system include the following: User account passwords Web site passwords E-mail and Internet service passwords File security passwords
Table 8.39
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