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User interface
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Figure 18-1: The Palm Tungsten C wireless utility automatically builds a list of available networks.
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Figure 6-21: Changing connection settings for programs or services with Kerio Personal Firewall.
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16.4.10. Carpet Redesign and Reuse
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Using Special Text Characters
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Creating 3D polylines
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LANs, MANs, and WANs
where K a is the association constant, K d the dissociation constant, [A] the total ligate concentration, [B] is the concentration of free ligand and [AB] the concentration of the ligand-ligate complex. The maximum change in the SPR angle (Rmax ; Figure 3.63) is dependant directly on the total ligand concentration ([B] + [AB]). The term (Rmax R) is dependant on [B] and [A] and can be regarded as a constant, C, since it is constantly replaced under ow conditions (Figure 3.62). Based on these relationships we can rewrite Equation (3.57) as: dR = K a C (Rmax R) K d R dt = K a C Rmax (K a C + K d ) R (3.58)
TABLE 16.1 Causes of computer and network system downtime Computer hardware Hard disk drive Communication processor Data communication network Software Human error Others Total 24% 26% 11% 10% 22% 6% 1% 100%
(B) (C)
Figure 17-17: To create the spotlighting effects you see here, I selected the circular areas, inversed the selection, and applied the values shown in this very dialog box.
Figure 5-22: After using Edit Define Brush to create a custom brush, click the brush icon to display these additional brush options.
The Data Warehouse and Design
Figure 2.3 Flux-averaged density pro les of pellet injection into a tokamak indicate HFS
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