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Report: CHEST Requested Procedure ABDOMEN
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root=Tkinter.Tk() MenuBar=Tkinter.Menu(root) # Menu bar must be child of Toplevel root[ menu ]=MenuBar # attach menubar to window! FileMenu=Tkinter.Menu(MenuBar) # Submenu is child of menubar FileMenu.add_command(label= Load ,command=LoadFile) FileMenu.add_command(label= Save ,command=SaveFile) HelpMenu=Tkinter.Menu(MenuBar) HelpMenu.add_command(label= Contents ,command=HelpIndex) # Attach menus to menubar: MenuBar.add_cascade(label= File ,menu=FileMenu) MenuBar.add_cascade(label= Help ,menu=HelpMenu)
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The consumer doesn t accomplish any grand business objective. But you will see how to perform, from a Java application, basic communication with a Web server by using a main method and a couple of supporting methods. Here is the main method and the requisite imports and class definition:
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reachable thorough the shortcuts reported on the list of references at the end of the chapter.
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If you re using a graphical file manager, such as Konquerer or Nautilus, you can generally edit permissions directly from that program. Take another look at Figure 13-8 Konqueror s Advanced Permissions window. You can edit a file s permissions simple by checking or unchecking the various checkboxes that you see there (again, provided you are the file s owner or the superuser). Most graphical file managers have some sort of permissions mechanism that operates in a similar fashion. If you re using a distribution other than Knoppix, consult your system s documentation to find out exactly how your file manager handles it.
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Manipulating Images
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Choosing a new current dimension style
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the first categories appearing in the left-hand column and the later categories appearing in the right-hand column. This is more complex than listing the columns in a leftto-right ordering. To solve this, we have two separate tables nested into a higher-level table consisting of only two cells. The xsl:apply-templates is called first on all categories that are in the first half of the result set, and then a separate xsl:apply -templates is called on all categories in the second half of the result set. If there is an odd number of categories, the right-hand column will have the extra.
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Figure 21.1 Execution time for VSAFT2D on linear solvers and preconditioners.
Eye: Absorption of UV radiation by the cornea (that absorbs most of the UV-B) and by the lens the UV radiation rarely reaches the retina of the eye. However, acute short-term exposure of the eye to UV-B radiation can lead to increased incidence of eye decease ranging from simple snow blindness (photokeratitis) to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Strongest correlation between eye diseases and exposure to solar radiation is observed for the condition pterigyium and climatic droplet keratopathy. With SCC, a recent epidemiological study found a strong relationship between the incidence of the disease and the latitude of exposure [2] (with 40 50 percent increase in incidence per 10 change in latitude). Exposure can also lead to certain types of cataract formation increasing the risk by up to 3-fold [3]. Epidemiological data linking the cataracts and exposure to solar radiation has been reviewed [4]. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide requiring surgical removal of the affected lens, involving very signi cant public health costs worldwide. Skin: Sunburn is the most common result of exposure to solar UV radiation. UV-B is well known to be about 1000 times more ef cient than UV-A in causing sunburn. Even with the most sensitive skin types with no pigmentation sunscreens and controlled exposure offer a convenient means of controlling the condition. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer among fair-skinned people in the US and the incidence rates of common forms of skin cancer increases with the dose of UV-B radiation. The incidence of NMSC (the predominant form of which is the non-lethal basal cell carcinoma) in US correlates well with available UV-B levels. A relatively higher level of risk exists for fairskinned populations [5] exposed to increased solar UV-B contents. The role of UV-B in promoting the more serious malignant melanoma remains unresolved. Factors such as genetics, avoidance behavior and diet can modify the impacts of exposure in both humans and in animal species. One clear bene t of increased UV-B exposure of the human skin, however, is the increased production of vitamin D! Immune reactions: The role of UV radiation in modulating immune reactions in humans is well established and it is likely that increased UV-B radiation will impact the incidence of infectious diseases[6]. Risk factors for certain cancers (skin cancer and non-Hodgkin s lymphoma) include immunosuppression. UV-induced immunosuppression is therefore likely to promote such cancers, but no epidemiological supporting data are available at the present time. b) Food Web. Crop species: Increases in solar UV-B radiation affect crop plants (as well as other plants) in several different ways including direct damage, alteration of patterns of gene activity, and changes in their physiological cycles. These changes can signi cantly impact crop yields, with the direction of the response depending on the species and even varieties of the
TABLE 12.5. Aperture of planoconcave null lens compensator for oblate spheroid (K 1; n 1:52). m 0.0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 Diameter asphere/Diameter compensator 8.54 7.13 5.88 4.77 3.8
Note You cannot save the display that you see when you use the HIDE command. When you restore the view, you see it as a wireframe display. However, you can make a slide of the view. 30 covers slides. You can also use SHADEMODE to continue working with the hidden view. Choose View Shade Hidden.
A Constructing Homemade Effects
Creating lists
Note that the second matrix in the above equation is nothing but a submatrix of an N x N DFT matrix. When the delay spread is uniform, it can be easily shown that the matrix is rank L , as any of its L columns form a Vandermonde matrix. In other cases, any L columns are shown to be almost always linearly independent. Hence the matrix is also rank L. Therefore, matrix B, and consequently the correlation matrix Rza is rank L as long as &in is larger than the number of the available paths L. This can be easily accomplished with an adequate FEC code.
In this view, you see all of the page s elements clearly displayed in bold text within collapsible lines. By clicking the arrow to the left of the tag, you can see the details of the object, as in Figure 2-22. When you re designing in Layout view most of this time, this option is an excellent way to see the HTML code behind your page without having to read between all the HTML code.
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