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Leptin & other adipokines
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Fig. 13.2 Typical flow conditions in annular region itextsharp qr barcode
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Figure 16-8: When you select a spline with no command active, you see grips on the fit points. To edit a spline, choose Modify Object Spline to start the SPLINEDIT command. After you select the spline, the command responds with the Enter an option [Fit data/Close/Move vertex/Refine/rEverse/Undo]: prompt. Here s how to use these options: Fit Data: Fit data means the points that you ve chosen, their tolerance, and the tangents. Use this option to edit fit data. This option has its own list of suboptions that are explained after this list. Close/Open: If the spline is open, this option closes it by adding a continuous (tangent) curve from the last point to the start point. If the spline is closed, this option appears as Open. If the spline was originally closed, the Open option removes the connection between the last and first points, although the spline looks the same. If the spline was originally open and you closed it, when you use the Open option, this option erases the curve that it added when you closed it. Move Vertex: This works like the Edit vertex option of PEDIT, except that this option displays the points as grips and highlights them. You can use Next and Previous suboptions, select any point to move, and pick a new location for the highlighted vertex. Refine: Enables you to refine the spline in three ways: Add control points: This doesn t change the shape of the spline but adjusts nearby control points slightly. Elevate the order of the spline: This adds control points throughout the spline (but once you go up, you can t go down). Change the weight of any control point: This is like the gravity that the control point exerts on the spline. Watch the spline inch toward the control point as you increase its weight. rEverse: Reverses the direction of the spline so that the start point becomes the endpoint, and vice versa. Undo: Undoes the most recent edit operation. When you use the SPLINEDIT command and select a spline, you see control points, not fit points. In Figure 16-9, the grips indicate the control points.
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4. (Optional) Select various search options: Ignore Case disregards capital letters. In other words, About Us also finds about us. Entire Word lets you disregard words that are embedded in longer words. A search for the word ant does not produce the word antidote. Regular Expr. is for wildcard searches. This is an advanced feature, so ignore it while doing a typical search. The upcoming section, Wildcard searches and regular expressions, discusses this feature. Backwards changes the order of the search. Without Backwards selected, the search goes from the beginning of the document to the end. With Backwards selected, the search starts at the end and works its way to the top. ( Notice this option actually changes the name of the next option from From top to From bottom. Wrap Around starts the search again at the top of the document after it reaches the end. To find text within your page without actually replacing it, use the Find or Find Next feature. To locate text one occurrence at a time, click Find. To find the next occurrence of the selected text, click the Find Next button. ( By default, the open page becomes active at the first find so you need to bring the Find window forward again to click Find Next.) Once the last occurrence is found, or if no text is found matching the search, a beep sounds. You can also locate text on your page without opening the Find dialog box. Just select the text you want to find, and then choose Edit Find Selection. Or, to search for text you ve previously entered into the Find dialog box, choose Edit Find Next. These methods don t enable you to set detailed search criteria, though. Instead, they inherit the criteria last set when the dialog box was open. Simply finding text within your page can be helpful, and may be all you need to do. But you can, of course, also have GoLive replace that found text with new text. The next section discusses replacing text.
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Remote Controls and Other Devices
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ABetterInternet is adware that was originally discovered in November 2003. It s generally described as fairly benign because it doesn t add many files to a system, nor does it cause large numbers of configuration changes. In fact, if you re lucky, ABetterInternet will deposit an uninstall utility that you can try through the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel (some reports indicate that if the name ABetterInternet doesn t appear in the list of installed software, it may sometimes show up as WIN 32 BI Application). Those sites that rate adware and spyware uniformly give ABetterInternet pretty low rankings in terms of serious side effects or lingering system changes; despite such low ratings, you can find reports from individuals struggling to keep it off their systems because of some clever startup resurrection maneuvers it makes. This adware is most likely to show up on unprotected systems that have been victims of large numbers of pop-ups or that have downloaded unsafe ActiveX controls. Technically, ABetterInternet is identified as a type of Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO), which is nothing more than a small program that runs automatically each time you start that program. In the case of ABetterInternet, the program is often identified as belonging to a class of BHOs that have some tracking and reporting capabilities, but is generally associated with invoking and displaying pop-up ads on PCs where it s running.
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