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The Layer Style dialog box offers 13 panels containing more than 100 options. I discussed the first panel, Blending Options, in 13. The remaining 12 panels are devoted to layer effects. Select the desired effect from the list on the left; use the check box to turn the effect on and off.
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Metabolic complications of obesity
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Fourier decomposition, 380 382 Four-level laser system, 371 372 Four-wave mixing Brillouin-enhanced, 63, 82 84 by free carrier generation, 11 12 by thermal effect, 13 14, 393 399 degenerate, 5 in gain media, 12, 369 382 in liquid crystal, 13 in semiconductor ampli er, 305 306 Kerr effect, 10 nearly degenerate, 5 photorefractive, 11 principles, 6 8 Free carriers in semiconductors, see Four-wave mixing, by free carrier generation Freon-113, 37 39, 47 49, 238 Frequency doubling, see Second harmonic generation Frequency shift in SBS, 21 Gain coef cient, see Laser gain coef cient; Photorefractive, gain gratings, 371 382 holograms, see Gain, gratings saturation, 368, 374, 378 Gas, see Stimulated Brillouin scattering, materials, gas Glass for SBS, see Silica glass for SBS Grating gain, see Gain, gratings intracavity, 314 318 period, 5 Heat diffusion equation, 393 High-resolution speckle imaging, see Laser illumination applications Internal loop geometry, see Self-pumped phase conjugation, in photorefractive materials, internal loop geometry Intracavity phase conjugation, see Laser resonators; Phase conjugate lasers KDP, 205. See also Second harmonic generation Kerr effect, 10 KNbO3, 294, 306 Laser diode arrays with phase conjugate feedback, 304 325 divergence angle, 303 304, 309 310 spatial modes, 303 spectral characteristics, 312 313
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On the CD-ROM The drawing used in the following exercise on drawing radial, diameter, and angular dimensions, ab14-c.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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If you are deploying this application to BEA Weblogic instead of WebSphere, you can wire in org .springframework.transaction.jta.WebLogicJtaTransactionManager instead of org .springframework.transaction.jta.WebSphereTransactionManagerFactoryBean. As you can see, the Spring transaction abstraction enables you to switch fairly easily between JpaTransactionManager, which provides local transaction management, to a required JTA transaction manager implementation for distributed transactions.
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4: Using Spring MVC to Build Web Pages
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7 Retouching, Repeating, and Restoring
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