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The FDDI frame format is very similar to the format of a Token Ring frame. FDDI uses either token frames or token data frames. Figure 7-10 shows an example of a token frame.
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You can use this design to store information about other assembly tasks (putting together skateboards, tuning a car, and so forth) or more generally for giving instructions (troubleshooting a wireless network). Unfortunately generalizing this model to pull information out of the steps is trickier than it might initially seem. For example, you might like to make an instruction record refer to an ingredient and then tell you what to do with it as in, Oatmeal, 2 cups, mix. That instruction would work but others are more complex. For example, a recipe might ask you to mix different ingredients in separate bowls and then combine them. To break that information out, you would probably need to record the bowls as equipment and then somehow associate ingredients with each bowl. Some recipes call for even more complex steps such as separating eggs, scalding milk, caramelizing sugar, changing temperatures during cooking, and even lighting food on re. With enough time and effort, you might be able to write a cooking language to let you represent all of these operations (you could call it CML Cooking Markup Language) but what would you have gained Breaking instructions down to that level would let you do things such as nding all recipes that require you to perform certain tasks such as powderizing oatmeal in a food processor but how often will you need to perform those kinds of searches The simpler model already lets you search for speci c tools, ingredients, and temperatures so it s probably best to stick with that model unless you have a very specialized need with well-de ned steps. If necessary, you can add keywords to the recipes to let you search for particular unusual tools and techniques such as amb and fossil-shaped gelatin molds. e
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Appendix B: Con guring PHP
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You use SURFTAB1 to control the number of lines AutoCAD uses to display the curve. If the curve is made up of polyline segments, AutoCAD displays one line at each segment vertex.
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3D orbit can be used as a substitute for DVIEW, which is covered later in this chapter.
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Figure 5-7 Cable mess.
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7: Keeping Windows XP Patched and Protected
The PDF Export Filter must be installed in order to import PDFs into QuarkXPress. Acquiring PDFs in a layout in Quark is handled the same way as you import graphics. Click the Rectangle Picture Box Tool from the QuarkXPress toolbox and drag open a picture frame. With the frame selected, choose File Get Picture. All the PDF documents within a given directory appear available for import. Select a PDF and click Open. The Get Picture dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 6-76.
10 Corrective Filtering
PACS Server & Archive
Use permissions and ownership
Make sure that Authentication Mode is set to Share, that Encrypt passwords is set to No, and that Guest Account is set to No guest account. (This will prevent people without an account on the system from accessing the share.) Click OK. At this point, your SAMBA server is ready to use. Before you are able to see the share on the network, however, you need to start the server (or restart it if it s already running). To do this, select menu path Applications System Settings Server Settings Services, or open a terminal window and give the command system-config-services. This opens the Service Configuration utility, shown in Figure 18-6.
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