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The Stationeries folder holds pages you create as starting points for more pages later on. As with Components, you add your Stationery to your site via the Site Extras tab of the Objects palette, not from within this folder. For more information on Stationery, see 5.
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Laser Beams Extract the X-ray Image from the Plate by Converting It to Light Photons, Which Form a Light Image Light
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You also use Image Image Size to resample an image. The difference is that you leave the Resample Image check box turned on, as shown in Figure 3-23. As its name implies, the Resample Image check box is the key to resampling. When Resample Image is selected, the Resolution value is independent of both sets of Width and Height values. (The only difference between the two sets of options is that the top options work in pixels and the bottom options work in relative units of measure such as percent and inches.) You can increase the number of pixels in an image by increasing any of the five values in the dialog box; you can decrease the number of pixels by decreasing any value. Photoshop stretches or shrinks the image according to the new size specifications.
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Bait and Switch: Phishing Emails
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When the related products button is selected, a Web page opens where products working in concert with Acrobat are listed. Other Adobe software, plug-ins, third party solutions, books, and references are listed. If looking for a particular solution with Acrobat, be certain to view this page periodically.
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Server Security
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5: Advanced Spring MVC
Beam splitters Laser light source
A Workspace is a configuration of toolbars, menus, and dockable windows (palettes and the command window). You can create workspaces so that you can quickly switch from one configuration to another. For example, when you are drawing in 3D, you might want the Solids toolbar displayed. On the other hand, when you are creating, organizing, and saving blocks, you don t want that toolbar; instead, you might want the DesignCenter and Tools palette displayed.
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