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Monthly user Service User BH data data (number penetration (events per of events per (%) user in BH) user per month) 50 100 62.5 50 750 80 50 50 50 70 0.28 0.57 0.35 0.28 5
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xsql:action element. Now, you ll see how to handle parameters in your own action handlers. As you read this section, you ll see that XSQL gives you many ways to control your custom action handlers. You already know how to access all the information of a servlet; you re about to learn how to get input from the XSQL page and the XSQLConfig.xml, also. But that s only half the story. You can use both the XSQL parameters and the stylesheet parameters as a powerful output mechanism. By setting a parameter on a page, your action handler can communicate data with other action handlers. Now, it s time to conquer parameters and input! This subject material might not seem as important as accessing the database and pushing data to the datagram. But here you understand how to control and modularize your action handlers and how your action handler can control other action handler s behavior. Just think: You could write the next xsql:query!
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If you change the size of a Filmstrip document inside Photoshop in any way, you cannot save the image back to the Filmstrip format. Feel free to paint and apply effects, but stay the heck away from the Image Size and Canvas Size commands. I don t really delve into the Filmstrip format anywhere else in this book, so I want to pass along a few quick Filmstrip tips right here and now: First, you can scroll up and down exactly one frame at a time by pressing Shift+Page Up or Shift+Page Down, respectively. Second, you can move a selection exactly one frame up or down by pressing Ctrl+Shift+up arrow or Ctrl+Shift+down arrow. If you want to clone the selection as you move it, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+up arrow or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+down arrow. And finally here s the great one you can select several sequential frames and edit them simultaneously by following these steps:
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Part II: Joining the Revolution: Your Own Podcast
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TABLE 15.4 Speci cations of high-end 1K and 2K workstations for teleradiology
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EXPLANATION This record is usually the first resource record in the zone file but may be preceded by a TTL statement. The SOA record establishes this file as the authoritative source of information for this zone. It contains information such as the name of the zone, the e-mail address of the zone administrator, and configuration parameters that control how slave DNS servers update the zone data files. This is the key name resolution record. These lines look like IN A Hostnames that do not end with a . are automatically appended the domain name. These are also known as alias records. They specify an alternate or alias name for an existing hostname. They point to another name, which has an A record. They map domain names to IP addresses. These are used inside reverse lookup zone files. The reverse domain is named by reversing the IP address and appending to the zone name. (continued)
Figure 22.9 Relative performance between two machines of Alliance 2.
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Defining a hatch
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