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18.4 Prepartitioning with Natural Regions
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Appendix A: Exercise Solutions
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Part I AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Basics
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gradient index bers was usually quite low. Therefore, gradient index bers seem not to be very useful for optical phase conjugating SBS mirrors in laser devices. Another typical effect using optical bers with long pulses from AOM Qswitching of cw lasers are the strong amplitude uctuations. Two examples are shown in Fig. 2.21. These experiments are all single shots using the step index ber of Fig. 2.20 under constant conditions. As can be seen from this gure, the pulse shape of the re ected light can be really different. High modulations can be obtained, and therefore the temporal re ectivity of the light will be different from shot to shot. So far, these bers in this simple con guration may cause problems in a real laser system. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that by designing the ber length and the ber core diameter in the right way they may be very useful, especially for applications in MOPA systems. The re ectivity in a 47-m-long ber as a function of the average input power of this long pulse is shown in Fig. 2.22. As can be seen from this gure, the average threshold power is in this case 112 mW and the peak power of the used AOM pulse is 102 W. These values are obtained with a single-mode Yb:YAG laser with a
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TimeEntries EmployeeId Date StartTime StopTime PaidDate Shifts EmployeeId Date StartTime StopTime
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Wavelength Shortwave or Longwave
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The answer you get may be as arbitrary as that s just the way Mark likes to do it but in this ctitious scenario the customers use the rst date stamp to record when the order was received and the second to indicate that the order entry operator looked at the back of the order to check for notes and comments. If you didn t ask, you might have incorrectly placed two date elds in the Orders table. Once the process is online, however, you won t need the second date because there is no other side of the order to check. (Looking at the back of your computer monitor won t tell you much.) All of the notes and comments will be in a text box at the bottom of the online form.
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Matches MatchId Date Time Location WinningRobotId
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Another reason to preview this effect is to make sure the image looks good inside the table. Several considerations exist. As with an image used as a page background, an image used as a background for a table or cell will tile if it is smaller than the table or cell. Additionally, if the image is larger than the table or cell, it will be cut off. You also want to make sure the image doesn t clash with the information presented and that the text will be clearly visible.
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3.2.2 Basic Equations
$sql = SELECT * FROM fruit ;
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