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Acoustically speaking, the tight mechanical coupling of the hard drive and chassis necessary for adequate HDD cooling is the source of a lot of problems. Drive manufacturers have known for some time that vibrations are a primary source of noise for an HDD in actual use. Seagate s excellent Technology Paper entitled Disk Drive Acoustics ( kb/disc/tp/acoustics.html) is well worth quoting: The acoustic noise of a disc drive mounted in a chassis comes from two sources. The first source, airborne acoustics, is what all drive manufacturers currently specify as the sound power value. It is the sound that comes from the drive through the air to the
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Problem 2. What is the effect of elevation angle on the rectangular wideband arrays Problem 3. Show that the auxiliary frequencies
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Figure 9-7: The Places menu.
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Writing Your Own Functions
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The errno module contains the textual message for each error code. The list of defined errors varies by system (for example, the Windows version includes some Winsock error messages), but you can access the whole list through the errno. errorcode dictionary.
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y chip resistor (xR, yR)
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Table 4-1 lists the type code you use to create each type of array. You can retrieve the size of items and the type code of an array object using its itemsize and typecode members.
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$authors = array( Steinbeck , Kafka , Tolkien , Dickens ); $authorsSlice = array_slice( $authors, 1, 2 ); // Displays Array ( [0] => Kafka [1] => Tolkien ) print_r( $authorsSlice );
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