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public CreateAlbumController() { setCommandClass(Album.class); setSuccessView( redirect:albums.htm ); }
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A1 Band
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import sys, time oldimp = __import__ def newimp(name, globals=None, locals=None, fromlist=None): try: mod = sys.modules[name] first_load = mod.first_load except (AttributeError, KeyError): first_load = time.time() mod = oldimp(name,globals,locals,fromlist) mod.first_load = first_load return mod __builtins__.__import__ = newimp
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10 Corrective Filtering
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indicated by bold lines. Each level in the hierarchy consists of one or more rectangular grid patches, and the levels satisfy the proper nesting condition. Here, the re nement ratio is given by r = 2.
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23: Proxy Server Solutions
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5. Choose View 3D Views Top. You can now see that the 2D line doesn t actually meet the 3D bushing. By using the View option, you only extended the line in that view.
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Indenting paragraphs with nonbreaking spaces
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MAC control
f 2 , BW (MHz, %) 2292, 1.5 2244, 1.5 2171, 1.5 2107, 1.6 2051, 1.6
A simple beamformer steers the main beam in a particular direction (O,q5). The weight vector, W, for steering the main beam is given by
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