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Figure 4-14: The color sampler tool lets you measure the colors of four points in your image, as indicated by the black arrows. You can also measure a fifth point by merely moving the cursor around, as indicated by the white arrow.
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While Stevens and Stevens (1963) showed that perceived contrast increased with increasing luminance level, Bartleson and Breneman (1967) were interested in the perceived contrast of elements in complex stimuli (images) and how it varied with luminance level and surround. They observed results similar to those described by the Stevens effect with respect to luminance changes, but they also observed some interesting results with respect to changes in the relative luminance of an image s surround. Their experimental results, obtained through matching and scaling experiments, showed that the perceived contrast of images increased when the image surround was changed from dark to dim to light. This effect occurs because the dark surround of an image causes dark areas to appear lighter while having little effect on light areas (white areas still appear white despite changes in surround). Thus since there is more of a perceived change in the dark areas of an image than in the light areas, there is a resultant change in perceived contrast. These results are consistent with the historical requirements for optimum image tone reproduction. Photographic prints viewed in an average surround are reproduced with a one-to-one relationship between relative luminances in the original scene and the print. Photographic transparencies intended for projection in a dark surround are reproduced with a system transfer function that is a power function with an exponent of approximately 1.5 (roughly that is a photographic gamma of 1.5 for the complete system). This is one reason transparencies are produced with a physically higher contrast in order to counteract the reduction in perceived contrast caused by the barcode generator formulae
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Deleting files can be tricky business with WebDAV, whether you re using standard WebDAV or Workgroup Support. (Deleting a new file that has never been synchronized or uploaded to the server is not an issue; new files are deleted as normal without complications.) When you delete a file or folder within your Files tab, next time you synchronize GoLive attempts to download the same file or folder from the WebDAV server to your local hard drive copy. And when you delete from the WebDAV tab, the next time you synchronize GoLive wants to upload the same file or folder from the your computer to the server. So, what if you delete from your Files tab and from the server Ah, you re all set then. But . . . next time one of your workmates synchronizes, GoLive will see the file on that computer and want to download that copy to the server. (Does this sound like fun yet ) The key to successful collaboration is good communication and attention to detail. If you re keeping a log of your actions and sharing it with the other designers, you can let them know you re deleting an object. (GoLive and WebDAV don t have a log feature that s up to you to create on your own.) And when you re synchronizing files, be sure to notice what s happening rather than automatically accepting the program s suggestions. Deleting is the easy part. To delete a file or folder, point to it in the WebDAV tab, Control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) and choose Clear from the contextual menu. Then do the same in the Files tab (or select the object and click the Trash icon in the toolbar). The hard part is keeping the file from coming back. It s up to your coworkers to pay attention when they synchronize. And it s up to you to do the same when they delete a file and you synchronize. So, how do they delete the file When they synchronize, just notice the file that shows as normal on their computers and gray on the server. Click it and note that it was deleted. (And you may know from your e-mail or other communications.) Then click the Synchronize Action button until the X appears to denote pending deletion. Each coworker only has to delete it once. That is, unless someone else sends it back to the server. . . .
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1. Carstensen, J. T. (2000), Solution Kinetics; Kinetic pH pro les; Oxidation in solution; Catalysis, Complexation, and Photolysis, in Carstensen, J. T. and Rhodes, C. T., Eds., Drug Stability, Principle and Practice, 3rd ed., Marcel Dekker, New York, s 2 5, pp. 19 143. 2. Connors, K. A., Amidon, G. L., and Stella, V. J. (1986), Chemical Stability of Pharmaceuticals: A Handbook for Pharmacists, 2nd ed., Wiley-Interscience, New York. 3. Loudon, G. M. (1991), Mechanistic interpretation of pH rate pro les, J. Chem. Ed., 68, 973 984. 4. Jenks, W. P. (1969), Catalysis in Chemistry and Enzymology, McGraw Hill, New York.
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Operation Shortcut Menu commands Auto Contrast Actual Pixels Auto Levels Bring Layer Forward Bring Layer to Front Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L Ctrl+Alt+zero (0) Ctrl+Shift+L Ctrl+] Ctrl+Shift+]
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(b) Difficult to manage Easy to manage Figure 2-11 Major design issues of the data warehouse: granularity, partitioning, and proper design.
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Figure 8.22. Photograph of the packaged compact ring phase conjugate mirror including a roof-cut BaTiO3:Rh and a vibrating cylindrical mirror.
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By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of physical databases, you can create a list of features that a computerized database should have. Some of these are fundamental characteristics that any database must have. ( You should be able to get data from it. How obvious is that ) Most of these features, however, depend at least in part on good database design. If you don t craft a good design, you ll miss out on some or all of the bene t of these features. For example, any decent read barcode 128
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NAS/SAN Hybrid
An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers, by C.J. Zarowski ISBN 0-471-46737-5 c 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Setting Up an Entertainment Network . . . . . . . . . . . . 217 Digital Convergence in the Wireless Era . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 218
Isolated: All transactions should execute independently of other processes or transactions. Any intermediate states are transparent to other transactions. In the ATM example, if your bank manager is withdrawing money for your mortgage payment in a transaction while you re at the ATM, these transactions should be isolated from one another. Depending on how long you take and when you complete your transaction, your bank manager sees the balance either before or after your withdrawal. Under no circumstances would the individual activities within these transactions be shuffled together. Durable: Any work completed during a transaction is permanent. For data modifications, this is typically made possible by storage of the data in some kind of physical space, such as a database. In the ATM example, once you have received your money and your bank account is debited, the change is permanent. Even if the ATM crashes shortly thereafter, or the bank s accounting system crashes, the balance on your account will not change.
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