22-2: Lens Length and Field-of-View Equivalents in .NET

Creator qr codes in .NET 22-2: Lens Length and Field-of-View Equivalents

You can create custom properties. You create custom properties to automatically insert text in your title block, using AutoCAD s field feature. After you create these properties, they become fields that you can insert. (See 13 for a discussion of fields.) A custom property can apply to a sheet set or an individual sheet. Common sheet-set custom properties are client name, project name, or project address. A typical sheet custom property would be the drawer s or proofer s initials, if more than one person works on the sheets in the sheet set. To add custom properties, click the Edit Custom Properties button. In the Custom Properties dialog box, click Add. Then enter a name and a default value, and choose whether the property is for a sheet or a sheet set. (Adding a default value helps you test the fields when you set up your title block.) Click OK. Continue to click Add and define custom properties. When you re done, click OK to return to the Sheet Set Properties dialog box. When you finish setting your sheet-set properties, click OK to return to the Sheet Set Manager and your drawing.
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3: Spring Persistence Using JPA
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Equations 9.4 9.6 are a mathematical representation of von Kries statement that each is fatigued or adapted exclusively according to its own function. Given the above interpretations of the gain coef cients, the von Kries model can be used to calculate corresponding colors between two viewing conditions by calculating the post-adaptation signals for the rst condition, setting them equal to the post-adaptation signals for the second condition, and then reversing the model for the second condition. Performing these steps and completing the algebra results in the transformations given in Equations 9.7 9.9 that can be used to calculate corresponding colors. L2 = (L1/Lmax1)Lmax2 M2 = (M1/Mmax1)Mmax2 S2 = (S1/Smax1)Smax2 (9.7) (9.8) (9.9)
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Switch for Farm 1
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Figure 7-9: After the scan is complete, click the Next button to move onto Step 2: Removal.
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The STRETCH command is generally used to stretch groups of objects. For example, you can use this command to enlarge a room in a floor plan. You can also shrink objects. You can change not only the length of the objects but the angle as well. You use a crossing window to choose the objects to be stretched. All objects that cross the boundaries of the crossing window are stretched. All objects that lie entirely within the crossing window are merely moved. Successful stretching involves precise placement of the crossing window. Figure 10-24 shows the process of stretching a garage. Note that the walls that cross the boundaries of the crossing window are stretched. However, the dormer that is entirely within the crossing window is just moved. This maintains the integrity of the model. You cannot stretch circles, text, or blocks. You can stretch arcs, although the results may not be what you expect.
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School of Textile and Fiber Engineering, 3 School of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2 DuPont Teijin Films
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Recall that a subspace of vector space Cn is a subset of Cn that is also a vector space. Suppose that we have the vectors x0 , . . . , xm 1 Cn ; then we may de ne the spanning set as m 1 aj xj |aj C . (11.56) span(x0 , . . . , xm 1 ) =
3p 6 6
1, 2 , 3, . . . = 0, 1, 2, 3, . . .
Start the PUBLISH command by choosing Publish on the Standard toolbar. The Publish dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 28-7, after clicking the Show Details button. You see the model and layout tabs of the current drawing displayed.
When you move your cursor over either the left or right quadrant circle on the arcball, it becomes a horizontal ellipse. As you click and drag from either quadrant, your model rotates around the arcball s vertical axis, which extends from the top quadrant to the bottom quadrant. Although your cursor enters the arcball, it retains its horizontal ellipse form until you release the mouse button. You can drag from one quadrant to its opposite quadrant, release the mouse button, move back to your starting point, and then click and drag again in the same direction. When you do this a few times, you rotate your model 360 degrees. Figure 22-24 shows a model rotated using the horizontal ellipse cursor.
Hartmann plate
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