Part VIII: Appendixes in .NET

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Figure 22-22: The Position Locator shows you a 2D map of your model. The best feature of the Position Locator is that you can drag the red dot that represents your position to move your current position. You can also drag the target indicator to change your view. In the General section of the Position Locator window, you can also specify the following settings: Position indicator color: You can change the color (which is red by default) to contrast better with your model. Position indicator size: You can change the indicator s size to small, medium, or large. Position indicator blink: You can make the indicator blink if you want. Target indicator: You can turn the target indicator on or off. Having it on is generally helpful because it explains what you are seeing in the main drawing area and you can drag it to change your view. Target indicator color: You can change the color (which is green by default) to contrast better with your model. Preview transparency: Sets the transparency of the preview in the Position Locator window. For example, if you re in a house, as shown in Figure 22-22, you want to be able to see through the roof. You can set a number from 0 to 95. Don t include the percent (%) symbol when you enter a new number. Preview visual style: You can choose a visual style for the preview. When you re ready to walk, press the W key or the Up arrow. You can press the key repeatedly or hold it down, but if you hold it down for a while, you ll then need to wait for the display to catch up. As you walk, you can drag to the left or right to change your viewing direction. Whenever you need to get your bearing, just look over at the Position Locator window to see where you are as well as your view s target.
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CAN BE A CHILD OF . . . xsl: attribute xsl: comment xsl: copy xsl: element xsl: fallback xsl: for-each xsl: if xsl: message xsl: otherwise xsl: param xsl: processing-instruction xsl: template xsl: variable xsl: when xsl: with-param
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ou have assembled all the tools you need to record a podcast. The question you have to ask yourself now is, where do I record my shows I decided from the very beginning that I would record whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself. You don t have to record in your studio. You can create your podcast while driving to work, making dinner, or taking a walk. You can create a podcast from almost anywhere. You can podcast live events of interest to you and your listeners. You can podcast from restaurants and coffee shops. I have heard podcasts that were recorded on international flights, in cars on bumpy roads, or by people on nature walks. We begin looking at podcasting from your home and then veer away from the norm to cover aspects of podcasting in less normal places. This chapter is full of helpful hints to make your podcasts run smoothly, no matter what venue you choose.
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Conforming to the notation used in 4, Equation 4.6, we identify s3 with the normal sextupole coefficient b, according to s3 = B,b,/3. The cosine term yields another contribution to the field:
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FIGURE 10.21. Testing a convergent lens with an array of point light sources. A bundle of narrow and parallel beams of light illuminate the lens under test.
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Assuming that you have a TV with a composite, S-Video, or DVI connector, you are ready to connect your TV to your Media Center PC. The process of doing so is pretty straightforward: Connect the matching connectors from your video card to the connector on your TV using the appropriate cable. Figure 6-9 shows a typical S-Video connection between a video card and a TV.
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A full description of the methodology and experimental results can be consulted in reference (8) and PhD work due for submission 1 May, 2001.
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In Section (4,3.1), properties of covariance matrices of vectors of real stochastic variables have been discussed. In this subsection, we discuss the corresponding properties if at least one of the vectors is complexin the sensethat it has one or more complexelements. Suppose that the M x 1 vector u and the N x 1 vector v are such vectors. Then, the covariance matrix of u and v is defined as follows:
Modifying pixel data
Luckily, Photoshop provides several alternatives. One is the Pointillize filter, which adds variable-sized dots and then colors those dots in keeping with the original colors in the image. Though Pointillize lacks the random quality of the Add Noise filter, you can use it to add texture to an image. To create the top-left image in Figure 10-40, I chose Filter Pixelate Pointillize and entered 5 into the Cell Size option box. After pressing Enter to apply the filter, I pressed Ctrl+Shift+F to fade the filter, changing the Opacity value to 50 percent. The effect is rather like applying chunky bits of noise.
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