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The five Output buttons work as follows: Background: To assign a color to the area around the printed image, click this button and select a color from the Color Picker dialog box, described in 4. This button and the one that follows (Border) are designed specifically to accommodate slides printed from a film recorder. If you select either of these options, Photoshop updates the preview to show them. Border: To print a border around the current image, click this button and enter the thickness of the border into the Width option box. The border automatically appears in black. Bleed: This button lets you print outside the imageable area of the page when outputting to an imagesetter. (Imagesetters print to huge rolls of paper or film, so you can print far outside the confines of standard page sizes. Most other printers use regular old sheets of paper; any bleed were the printer to acknowledge it would print off the edge of the page.) Click the Bleed button and enter the thickness of the bleed into the Width option box. Two picas (24 points) is generally a good bet. (Bleeds are defined in the Understanding Printing Terminology glossary at the beginning of this chapter.) Screen: Click this button to enter a dialog box that enables you to change the size, angle, and shape of the printed halftone cells, as described in the upcoming Changing the halftone screen section. Transfer: The dialog box that appears when you click this button enables you to redistribute shades in the printed image, as explained in the upcoming section, Specifying a transfer function. Most of the Output check boxes all except Negative, Emulsion Down, Interpolation, and Include Vector Data append special labels and printer marks to the printed version of the image. Figure 18-5 illustrates how they look when printed. For all options except Interpolation and Include Vector Data, Photoshop shows the result of selecting the check box in the image preview. Interpolation: If you own an output device equipped with PostScript Level 2 or later, you can instruct Photoshop to antialias the printed appearance of a low-resolution image by selecting this option. The output device resamples the image up to 200 percent and then reduces the image to its original size using bicubic interpolation (as described in the General preferences section of 2), thereby creating a less-jagged image. This option has no effect on older-model PostScript devices. Calibration Bars: A calibration bar is a 10-step grayscale gradation beginning at 10 percent black and ending at 100 percent black. The function of the calibration bar is to ensure all shades are distinct and on target. If not, the output device isn t properly calibrated, which is a fancy way of saying the printer s colors are out of whack and need realignment by a trained professional armed with a hammer and hacksaw. When you print color separations, the Calibration Bars check box instructs Photoshop to print a gradient tint bar and progressive color bar, also useful to printing professionals.
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that asks you to be sure that what you re opening is safe. In fact, it forces you to save it to disk, just to give anti-virus software another chance to check it over and stop it dead in its tracks.
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Application of Solid-State SBS Mirrors to High-Power Lasers
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The distutils package chooses the correct default location for third-party modules based on the current platform. On UNIX, for example, the default directory is usually /usr/local/lib/pythonx.y/site-packages and on Windows, it s c:\pythonxy, where x and y are major and minor version numbers.
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The module urllib2 is a new and improved version of urllib. urllib2 provides a wider array of features, and is easier to extend. The syntax for opening a URL is the same: urlopen(url[,data]). Here, url can be a string or a Request object. The Request class gathers HTTP request information (it is very similar to the class httplib.HTTP). Its constructor has syntax Request(url[,data[,headers]]). Here, headers must be a dictionary. After constructing a Request, you can call add_header(name,value) to send additional headers, and add_data(data) to send data for a POST request. For example:
Blast Wave Simulation
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