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27 Debugging, Profiling, and Optimization
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TABLE 9 Peroxidation of Intralipid 20% and Lipofundin MCT 20% during Storage: In uence of Container Material, Light Exposure, and Temperature Exposure, Condition, Time (day) Intralipid 20% 1 5 8 9 14 15 19 22 28 29 Nutrimix 2/3 Bag (EVA) 20 27 C Daylighta Nutrimix 2/3 Bag (EVA) 20 27 C Light Protetion 3-chamber Bag (V 90) 20 27 C Daylighta Control sample Closed Glass Bottle 20 27 C Daylighta 0.02 0.006c 0.02 0.005 0.02 0.001 0.02 0.005
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Reporting range + Hysteresis event 1B
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QoE monitoring framework
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Notice how the nesting of the array elements has been reversed. Each top-level element in the matches array is a now a nested array containing the full matched string as element number 0, and each subpattern match as elements 1 and 2. As with preg_match(), you an also pass the PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE flag to access the position of each match (or subpattern match) in the target string. This causes each match to be returned as a two-element nested array (rather than a string), with the first element being the matched text and the second element being the offset. The end result is that the matches array contains three levels of nesting: the subpattern number (or zero for the whole pattern), then the match number, then the matched text and offset. For example:
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Fiber Cable Connectors
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Frequency (MHz)
Table 14.5
Run-length coding based on eliminating repeated adjacent pixels can be used to compress rows or columns of images. A run-length code consists of three sequential numbers: the mark, the length, and the pixel value. The compression procedure starts with obtaining a histogram of the image. The histogram of an image is a plot of the frequency of occurrence versus the pixel value of the entire image. The mark is chosen as the pixel value in the image that has the least frequency of occurrence. If more than one pixel value has the same least frequency of occurrence, the higher pixel value will be chosen as the mark. The image is then scanned line by line, and sets of three sequential numbers are encoded.
You can represent a point in time as a number of ticks the number of seconds that have elapsed since the epoch. The epoch is an arbitrarily chosen beginning of time. For UNIX and Windows systems, the epoch is 12:00am, 1/1/1970. For example, on my computer, my next birthday is 983347200 in ticks (which translates into February 28, 2001). The function time.time returns the current system time in ticks. For example, here is the number of days from now until my birthday:
Sending and receiving data
The tolist() method converts the array to an ordinary list:
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