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TABLE 8.1. Processing Times of the Jobs Job number j: Processing time pj: 1 8 2 7 3 4 4 3 5 3 6 3
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FIGURE 16-2: Hooking up the monitor. Here the monitor is connected to the on-board video adaptor port.
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ASP Objects
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12: Controlling Access to Your Personal Files
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where F is the number of frequencies per cell (BTS) and 8 is the number of TSLs per TRX (frequency).
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In more advanced applications, JavaScript can contribute to a very smooth chat interface. Or parts of a page can be opened and closed dynamically, like a tree of folders or message threads. JavaScript provides advanced interaction locally (on the client side), without waiting for slow dial-up connections. You can add your own JavaScript in several ways, as follows: You can copy a JavaScript from elsewhere, and then paste it into GoLive s source mode. You can store the JavaScript in the Files tab of the Site Window as its own document, and then link to it. You can write your own JavaScript, hand-entering it in the JavaScript Editor. You can use the JavaScript Editor in conjunction with the JavaScript Inspector to build your own JavaScript with drag-and-drop ease.
Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
The equivalent circuit of the Ebers Moll model
Reduced IGF-1 binding to its receptors
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