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All too often e-businesses are swept along by their own hype. For example, net entrepreneurs proclaim that market share is all, believing that it doesn t matter if the business makes a loss in the short o r medium term, because as long as market share is being delivered this will, in time, translate into massive profitability. The truth is, of course, that it may. It may also be the case that t o m o n v w online sales suddenly increase by a factor of ten, competitors disappear, and the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and March Hare all get together to set u p their o wn interactive web site! There are several arguments against this tomorrow syndrome. First, promises may not come true. This is true for any business at any time, and believing that common-sense business logic does not apply for online businesses is a grave error. Errors can easily be made online more than anywhere else and a business model relying entirely o n optimistic prediction is terribly flawed. Second, businesses that do not focus on their current profitability may simply not last until tomorrow, when success is predicted and when it may actually emerge. I n particular, cash-flow problems, stakeholder concerns or both may combine to sink the business, before the promised jam tomorrow is reached. Third, if the business is running at a loss o r a little above break-even, its room for manoeuvre is greatly reduced. This matters jn any market, for any
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Figure 25-3: A rendering with one spotlight overhead. Here the hotspot angle is 45 and the falloff angle is 70 . To create a new spotlight, choose New Spotlight from the Light flyout on the Render toolbar or Create a Spotlight from the Light control panel of the Dashboard. At the Specify source location <0,0,0>: prompt, enter the spotlight s location. In most cases, you don t want the Z value to be 0 (zero). At the Specify target location <0,0,-10>: prompt, specify the light s target. You now see the Enter an option to change [Name/
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The PIX Ajax Album Viewer
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After you ve created the viewport configuration that you want, you re ready to use it. The first step is to create the views that you need in each viewport.
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Appendix B
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Getting Down to the Business of Securing Windows XP
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Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises
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Figure 1-3 A peer-to-peer network relationship
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Beamforming can be used to simultaneously receive a signal arriving from a several directions and attenuate signals from other directions. Systems designed to receive spatially propagating signals often encounter the presence of interfering signals. If the desired signal and interference occupy the same frequency band, unless the signals are uncorrelated, e.g., signals used in CDMA wireless systems, then temporal filtering often cannot be used to separate signals from interference. However, the desired and interfering signals often originate from different angles. This spatial separation can be exploited to separate signals from interference using
Criterion (A) Flaming combustion time after removal of the test ame (s) (B) Total aming combustion time after 10 test ame applications for each set of 5 specimens (s) (C) Burning with aming or glowing combustion up to the holding clamp (D) Dripping aming particles that ignite the dry absorbent surgical cotton located 12 inches (305 mm) below the test specimen (E) Glowing combustion persisting for more than 30 s after the second removal of the test ame (s)
The object you want to trim does not have to actually intersect the cutting edge. You can trim an object to a cutting edge that would intersect the object if extended. This is called trimming to an implied intersection, an example of which is shown in Figure 10-15. You can trim arcs, circles, ellipses, elliptical arcs, lines, polylines, xlines, rays, and splines. You can use polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses, elliptical arcs, lines, rays, regions, splines, text, or xlines as cutting edges. An object can be used as both a cutting edge and an object to be trimmed in the same trimming process. You can also trim to objects within blocks. ( 18 covers blocks.)
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