However, if both $firstName and $location are empty, the script instead displays the user info form:
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The xsql:query element is one of the key elements for all of XSQL. Hopefully, this section gives you a good basis and can act as a good reference. You will be using the xsql:query element, and the lessons learned here, throughout the rest of the book.
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13: More AOP: Transactions
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A sample made up of 1000 molecules of two types of components (500 of each) is applied to a chromatography system consisting of a mobile and stationary phase. These differ from each other in the value of their partition coef cient, k, which is the ratio of the concentration of the molecule in the stationary phase to that in the mobile phase. In this example, the values for k are 1.0 (white bars) and 0.1 (grey bars), respectively. This indicates that the molecule represented by the white bars partitions 1 : 1 between the phases while that represented by the grey bars partitions 9 : 1. Panels a) to f) show expected partitioning of the two components between the stationary and mobile phases as they progress through the rst six theoretical plates. (a) In the rst plate the molecules with k = 1.0 partition evenly between the two phases (i.e. 250 in each) while the molecules with k = 0.1 partition very differently (i.e. 450 in stationary phase and 50 in mobile phase). The molecules in the mobile phase pass freely to the next theoretical plate (arrow). (b) In this plate, they again partition 1 : 1 and 9 : 1 according to their values of k. Molecules left behind in the stationary phase of the rst plate also partition in these ratios (i.e. 250 125 : 125, etc.). As molecules move through succeeding plates, those in the mobile phase constantly redistribute themselves according to their partition coef cients as do those left behind in stationary phase of earlier plates. (g) Shows the pro le of molecules in mobile phase as they might elute from the system (ignoring band broadening effects described in Section 2.2.3). The molecules represented by the grey bars are strongly retained by the stationary phase while those represented by the white bars are much less strongly retained. However, the components have clearly begun (Continues)
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Repeater Access Point Main Access Point User Firewall Server Firewall Server Router Possible alternate route Wireless user connection Insecure Internet traffic Secured server network traffic Secured user network traffic Community Center
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Here s an example that shows return-by-reference in action:
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Choosing a technology
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Description of the module to be tested Purpose and objective of the tests Scope and limitations Test procedure Acceptance criteria for the testing Sections to capture the test results A section to document deviation and exceptions encountered during the testing
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