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The le s rst section is called WebSites. It contains four values named VbTips, Quote, AstroPicture, and Comic that contain URLs leading to Web sites that the application might use. (These pages are my Web site s what s new page, a quote-of-the-day page, the astronomy picture-of-the-day site, and the User Friendly daily comic strip page.) The le s second section is named Directories. It contains three directory paths that the program can use to locate different kinds of les. When the RBP application starts, it opens this INI le, reads these values into variables, and uses those variables as it runs. Later, if you need to change any of these settings, you can simply edit the INI le. For example, suppose your data les ll your 250GB C drive. Rather than replacing your C drive with a slightly bigger drive and lling it up in the next few weeks, you decide to add a new G drive that holds 10 petabytes (a petabyte is 1 million gigabytes so this should last you for a while) and move only your data les to that drive. To make the program use the new directory, you only need to change the value of the Directories section s Data setting to:
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Quit Distiller after use: The PageMaker export to PDF procedure is a two-step process. After the PostScript file has been produced, Distiller will be launched in the background. If you want to quit Distiller after creating the PDF file, enable this option. If disabled, Distiller will remain open. The Distiller window may appear hidden behind a PageMaker document, but it will still be open. If you have several PageMaker documents to distill, leave the option disabled. Check for PageMaker printer style conflicts: PageMaker provides you the opportunity to capture all the attributes for printing to devices. The printing attributes are determined in the Print dialog box. You can select a PPD, page size, screening, and many other attributes in the Print dialog box and capture these settings to a printer style. When you want to use the same style, rather than return to the Print dialog box and make all the choices again, select the printer style and print. If there are any conflicts, such as selecting the wrong page size, PageMaker will open a warning dialog box when this option is enabled. As a default, you should leave this option enabled. Any conflicts will be reported, which can save time in having to redistill files. You should be aware, however, PageMaker is notorious for reporting some problems that do not exist. When the option is enabled, you will commonly see a dialog box appear, informing you the blank pages will not print. Even when no blank pages exist nor are any bookmarks, articles, or hyperlinks established, the warning dialog box still appears. When you see the warning dialog box appear, click the Continue button, and your PDF will print properly even a great PDF producer such as PageMaker has a few nuances. Override Distiller options: This option is one of the most critical. If you intend to create PDFs with Acrobat 5 compatibility, be certain to leave this box unchecked. If the checkmark is active, all the Job Options from Distiller that may be in conflict with the PageMaker options, such as compatibility, will be overridden by the PageMaker options. When using Acrobat 5.0 and PageMaker with the PDF Export 3.01 plug-in, most often you ll want this option deselected as a default. When all options have been created, click the Export button and the file will first be printed as a PostScript file. If you have the Distill Now checkbox enabled in the General Options dialog box, Acrobat Distiller will automatically launch and distill the PostScript file. After completion of distillation, you will be returned to the PageMaker document window.
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The drawing used in the following exercise on drawing polylines, ab16-a.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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Frame relay is very similar to X.25, and is often considered the upgraded version of X.25. Because frame relay uses various WAN interface types (such as ISDN) to handle Layer 3 functions, and because communication media has improved, frame relay does not have to do the error checking and recovery that X.25 did. Because there is less chatter, frame relay is able to provide quicker and more reliable data transmission, which pretty much renders X.25 obsolete. Frame relay services operate at the Physical and Data Link layers of the OSI reference ACRONYM ALERT model. Originally designed to operate over CSMA/CD Carrier Sense, Multiple Access with ISDN interfaces, it now supports transmisCollision Detection sion over broadband ISDN and ATM.
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If you find yourself frustrated by following well-beaten tracks to controlling spam, you may want to try something different as well. Others also swear by alternative e-mail clients like Eudora ( and Opera (, as well. In fact, many of the alternative browsers (FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape, and more) include e-mail clients as part of their offerings. These, too, can be worth checking out for those with a hankering for something different.
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Two examples are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of each of the methods. In both examples the aperture length is P = 4 half wavelengths and the design bandwidth was 200-3400 Hz, requiring 17 sensors and a total array size of 3.4 m (for acoustic waves propagating in air). A secondary filter with 12 coefficients and a uniform aperture illumination is used in both cases. Figure 3.23 shows the response of the multi-rate wideband array with a maximum sampling rate of 30 kHz and a reference filter with nine coefficients. Figure 3.24 shows the response of the single sampling rate FIB with a sampling rate
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normally called automatically so that you don t need to. Before a new thread created in C can access Python objects, it has to manually create its own thread state, acquire the GIL, and then set the current thread state to point to the new thread s state. When finished, it needs to reset the old thread state and release the lock. The Python/C API has several pairs of functions for working with the GIL and the current thread state.
Adding Parameters and Returning Values
Will there ever be a single color appearance model that is universally accepted and used for all applications Absolutely not! The problem is too complex to be solved for all imaginable applications by a single model. Even the speci cation of color differences continues to be performed with two color spaces, CIELAB and CIELUV. While CIELAB is clearly preferable for such applications, a single color difference equation within the CIELAB space has yet to be widely accepted. There is no reason to expect the speci cation of a color appearance model to be any different. The CIE activities in formulating CIECAM97s and CIECAM02 have been successful and have promoted uniformity of practice in industry and provide a signi cant step toward the establishment of a single, dominant technique for color appearance speci cation. Assuming these CIE activities continue to be well received, the use of color appearance models should become simpler and more uniform. However, there is no question that, for speci c applications, other models will continue to be used and developed. Perhaps the use of color appearance models will reach a status similar to today s speci cation of color differences or color order systems in which a small number of techniques are dominant, with a wider variety of techniques still being used in some speci c applications.
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