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The first step in obtaining your own personal e-mail certificate is to register for one with a CA. Although some CAs charge a yearly fee for this service, you can obtain a certificate for free from a number of different sources. Thawte is an example of a CA that offers free personal e-mail certificates. These free certificates identify you as a Thawte Free-mail Member (rather than by your real name), and include your e-mail address as identification. In other words, no real process is undertaken to verify your true identity. Thawte simply verifies that your e-mail address is valid and then lists this address in the certificate s Subject field. Although a free personal certificate will not include your actual name, it does provide the same digital signing and encryption capabilities as paid certificates. In other words, you won t find functionality lacking as a result of going the free route.
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Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Donald E. Powell, Chairman Emeritus, FDIC John D. Hawke, Jr., Comptroller of the Currency Michael E. Bartell, Chief Information Officer
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Part V Advanced Python Programming
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any representation which is similar to the mathematical function and/or eld description: At any point of the space, the derivative is available together with the value of the function; the derivative can be considered an action required to produce the change in the value of the function. We de ne this as follows: A goal-oriented representation is a representation in which at each point a value of the action is given, required for describing not the best way of achieving an adjacent point, but the best way of achieving the nal goal. Both proper and goal-oriented representation can be transformed into each other. Thus, we can change the focus of attention and change the physical interpretation of the goal states: Instead of coordinates of arrival focused upon initially as a sequence of points where the goal state is, we will measure and control the movement in the problem space. Thus, instead of the goal space shown in Figure 18.1 we will study and use for control the trajectory shown in Figure 18.2. Obviously, the goal-space of Figure 18.1 was assigned by the external source at the beginning, while the new goal-space shown in Figure 18.2 should be intentionally learned. We have changed the representation space from the one that was initially assigned, to the one that was acquired by learning. In many circumstances this representation is more accurate. As was discussed in 4 by Jorna, the goals for planning cannot always be speci ed beforehand, nor can it be predicted with certainty whether a goal can be attained or not. This is important, because different planning entities (humans, machines) have different ways to cope with not nding the goal and subsequently reformulating it.
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5. Click OK. Similar to Windows Firewall, ICF monitors incoming connection attempts only, and does nothing to police the traffic that leaves your PC, destined outbound for the Internet or other computers on your network.
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(11.5) that is, AP = P , where = diag( 0 , 1 , . . . , n 1 ) Cn n is the diagonal matrix of eigenvalues of A. Thus (11.6) P 1 AP = , and the matrix of eigenvectors P Cn n of A de nes the similarity transformation that diagonalizes matrix A. More generally, we have the following theorem. Theorem 11.6: If A, B Cn n , and A and B are similar matrices, then A and B have the same eigenvalues. Proof Since A and B are similar, there exists a nonsingular matrix P Cn n such that B = P 1 AP. Therefore det( I B) = det( I P 1 AP) = det(P 1 (PP 1 A)P ) = det(P 1 ) det( I A) det(P ) = det( I A). Thus, A and B possess the same characteristic polynomial, and so possess identical eigenvalues. In other words, similarity transformations preserve eigenvalues.2 Note that Theorem 11.6 holds regardless of whether A and B are defective. In developing (11.6)
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Figure 22-4 Highly available, resilient SAN with remote data replication.
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16.2 Major Issues Related to Mesh Partitioning for Distributed Systems
cont=0; save contador cont [x,fval,exit ag,output] = fminunc(@(x) obj_fun_expiration_date(x, ag_fun),x0,options) This routine is required by program 3, shelf life estimation: function f = obj_fun_expiration_date(x, ag_fun) load contador cont=cont+1 save contador cont load res b=vec(1:2); n=vec(3); MSE=vec(4); av_x=vec(5); Sxx=vec(6); t=tinv(0.95,n-2); if ag_fun==1 f = abs((90-(b(1)+b(2)*x)) 2-(t 2)*MSE*(1/n+(x-av_x) 2/Sxx)); end save([ it num2str(cont)], f , x , ag_fun ) This program performs a statistical test for determining whether or not the slopes and/or intercepts of the degradation lines from several batches are equal: % ANCOVA clear, clc close all batch=3; x=[0 3 6 9 12 18 24 36 0 3 6 9 12 18 24 36 0 3 6 9 12 18 24 36]; y=[99.2 97.1 96.1 95.2 93.8 93.1 92.4 0 98.7 97 96.2 95.1 94.2 93.3 0 0 102.5 98.9 97.1 95.6 94.1 93.1 0 0]; n(1)=7; n(2)=6; n(3)=6; N=sum(n); %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % testing slopes %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% for i=1:batch sy=0; sx=0; sxy=0;
14 Creating Reusable Components, Items, and Text
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