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Traffic diversity gain (TD gain)
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Relational databases let you specify some simple basic constraints on a particular eld. For example, you can make a eld required. The special value null represents an empty value. For example, suppose you don t know a customer s income. You can place the value null in the Income eld to indicate that you don t know the correct value. This is different from placing 0 in the eld, which would indicate that the customer doesn t have any income. Making a eld required means it cannot hold a null value, so this is also called a not null constraint. The database will also prevent a eld from holding a value that does not match its data type. For example, you cannot put a 20-character string in a 10-character eld. Similarly, you cannot store the value twelve in a eld that holds integers. These types of constraints restrict the values that you can enter into a eld. They help de ne the eld s domain so they are called domain constraints. Some database products allow you to de ne more complex domain constraints, often by using check constraints.
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Return Loss (dB)
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If you think that the whole catenet/internet/Internet terming conventions seem a little confusing, you haven t seen anything yet. Check this out: (continued)
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With proper choice of grating period d, related to the other experimental parameters, the zeroth- and the rst-order beams overlap, as sketched in Figure 4.45. For diffraction gratings with zero-one transmission pro le, higher order beams are also present. Their peak beam irradiance decreases with the increasing diffraction order, diminishing visibility of their fringe patterns. By tailoring their transmission pro le, it is possible to manufacture gratings that transmit only the zeroth- and the rst-order beams. The aberrations of the original wavefront are preserved in the zero-order and rst-order beams for moderate diffraction angles. It is considered convenient that both order beams remain separated so that only two-beam interference pattern is generated (rather than three or more). To satisfy these requirements, the following condition needs to be met: y ! a: 4:32
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Source: NCRP Report 102 (1989), after Harrison (1981).
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>>> 200L 200L # A long integer literal with a value of 200
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