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Sampling Errors
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Fast (>100 rot/ns) drive gear rotation at room temperature; teeth slip
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End-to-End Delivery
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Orders OrderId Date SameAsAbove CustomerId AddressId SoldByEmployeeId
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In addition, the module curses.ascii provides constants and functions for cleanly handling ASCII characters. For example, curses.ascii.SP is equal to 32 (the ASCII value for a space); curses.ascii.BEL is 7 (the bell-character; Ctrl-G on most systems).
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This is what we just described when we said that we wait until all components have been installed to test again. But because the PC is more or less fully assembled by this point, some additional connections are needed, and a great many more things should happen when you power on your HTPC. To enable the POST to complete successfully that s the outcome you want you must hook the graphics card or motherboard graphics port to a display device (POST creates character outputs onscreen to report on its results, and any problems it finds, should they be encountered). You must also hook up a keyboard, so as to be able to provide input to your computer if the POST test completes successfully.
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Figure 12-9: When WinDiff opens, it looks like a whole lotta nothing.
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For convenience, Table 15-4 lists all the vendors whose products appear in the first three tables in this chapter. Although you can visit these sites for product information (and probably, news about newer products as well), you should use the price comparison tools we mentioned earlier in this chapter to look for the best deals (and don t forget to check on eBay or to consult the appendixes at the end of the book, many of which also provide pointers to comparison and shopping information as well).
Large projects often have large and unbalanced cash flows that are close to the funding limits of the proponents. Most projects involve initial spending, before any revenue benefits are realized, but for large projects this may be a critical factor: the initial spending requirements may be very high; there are usually large uncertainties in the size and timing of funding requirements; long construction and commissioning periods extend the payback period and reduce the NPV; construction incentives may be necessary; trading-off reduced construction costs and a faster schedule for increased through-life costs may be a false economy. Large projects usually required detailed cash flow analysis that incorporates risk and uncertainty. s 19 to 23 addressed aspects of quantitative risk analysis, and further examples of the use of quantitative risk models in the evaluation of public private partnerships were provided in 16. Simple quantitative project risk modelling is unlikely to be sufficient for large projects. It is often necessary to model financial structures and view the project on a business or enterprise basis. Further extensions to include tax and accounting matters are common, and financial risk allocation structures must be considered carefully.
Never fit a fan without applying a thin coating of thermal compound to the joint because the heat build-up, at worst, can destroy the CPU and at best dramatically shorten its life!
13.2.8. Conversion of Zernike Aberrations into Seidel Aberrations Just as a Seidel aberration is made up of more than one Zernike aberrations [see Eqs. (13.40)], similarly, a given Zernike aberration is made up of more than one 2 Seidel aberration. For example, Zernike astigmatism c22 Z2 r; y consists of Seidel 2 2 2 1 astigmatism r cos y and defocus r . Similarly, Zernike coma c31 Z3 r; y consists 3 0 of Seidel coma r cos y and tilt r cos y, and Zernike spherical aberration c40 Z4 r 4 consists of Seidel aberration r , defocus, and piston. Of course, higher-order Zernike aberrations also consist of Seidel aberrations. For example, secondary Zernike 0 spherical aberration c60 Z6 r consists of secondary spherical aberration r6 , Seidel 4 spherical aberration r , defocus, and piston. Since a Seidel term is contained in several Zernike terms, the value of a Seidel coef cient as obtained from the Zernike coef cients depends on the number of Zernike terms used to represent an aberration function. For example, the Seidel spherical aberration, which varies as r4 , is con0 2 4 0 tained in Zernike polynomials Z4 r , Z4 r; y , Z4 r; y , Z6 r , etc. Given a set of Zernike coef cients cnm of an aberration function, the corresponding Seidel coef cients can be written easily using Table 13.2 a00 c00 a11 a20 a22 a31 and p p p p a40 6 5c40 4 10c42 10c44 30 7c60 13:45f p p p 3c20 5c40 7c60 3c80 13:45a p p 2c11 4 2c31 6 3c51 16c71 13:45b p p p p p p 2 3c20 6c22 6 5c40 3 10c42 6 7c60 6 14c62 60c80 13:45c p p p 2 6c22 6 10c42 12 14c62 13:45d p p p p 6 2c31 6 2c33 24 3c51 24 3c53 120c71 120c73 13:45e
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